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#Org.apache.oozie.util.XLog Classes and Interfaces - 6 results found.
XLogThe XLog class extends the functionality of the Apache common-logging Log interface.Classorg.apache.oozie.utilApache Oozie
XLog .InfoLogInfo stores contextual information to create log prefixes.Classorg.apache.oozie.util.XLogApache Oozie
XLog .LevelClassorg.apache.oozie.util.XLogApache Oozie
XLogReaderReads the input stream(log file) and applies the filters and writes it to output stream.Classorg.apache.oozie.utilApache Oozie
XLogStreamerXLogStreamer streams the given log file to logWriter after applying the given filter.Classorg.apache.oozie.utilApache Oozie
XLogStreamer .FilterFilter that will construct the regular expression that will be used to filter the log statement.Classorg.apache.oozie.util.XLogStreamerApache Oozie