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#Org.apache.pig.LoadPushDown Classes and Interfaces - 5 results found.
LoadPushDownThis interface defines how to communicate to Pig what functionality can be pushed into the loader.Interfaceorg.apache.pigApache Pig
LoadPushDown .OperatorSetSet of possible operations that Pig can push down to a loader.Classorg.apache.pig.LoadPushDownApache Pig
LoadPushDown .RequiredFieldDescribes a field that is required to execute a scripts.Classorg.apache.pig.LoadPushDownApache Pig
LoadPushDown .RequiredFieldListList of fields that Pig knows to be required to executed a script.Classorg.apache.pig.LoadPushDownApache Pig
LoadPushDown .RequiredFieldResponseIndicates whether the loader will return the requested fields or all fields.Classorg.apache.pig.LoadPushDownApache Pig