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#Org.apache.struts2.dispatcher.mapper Classes and Interfaces - 8 results found.
ActionMapper The ActionMapper interface provides a mapping between HTTP requests and action invocation requests and vice-versa.Interfaceorg.apache.struts2.dispatcher.mapperApache Struts
ActionMappingSimple class that holds the action mapping information used to invoke a Struts action.Classorg.apache.struts2.dispatcher.mapperApache Struts
CompositeActionMapper A composite action mapper that is capable of delegating to a series of ActionMapper if the former failed to obtained a valid ActionMapping or uri.Classorg.apache.struts2.dispatcher.mapperApache Struts
DefaultActionMapper Default action mapper implementation, using the standard *.Classorg.apache.struts2.dispatcher.mapperApache Struts
ParameterActionDefines a parameter action prefix.Interfaceorg.apache.struts2.dispatcher.mapperApache Struts
PrefixBasedActionMapper A prefix based action mapper that is capable of delegating to other ActionMappers based on the request's prefix.Classorg.apache.struts2.dispatcher.mapperApache Struts
Restful2ActionMapper http://struts.Classorg.apache.struts2.dispatcher.mapperApache Struts
RestfulActionMapperSimple Restfull Action Mapper to support REST application See docs for more informationClassorg.apache.struts2.dispatcher.mapperApache Struts