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#Org.carrot2.text.suffixtree Classes and Interfaces - 9 results found.
CharacterSequenceA ISequence wrapper for any CharSequence.Classorg.carrot2.text.suffixtreeCarrotjavadoc
IntegerSequenceAn ISequence wrapper for an array of integers.Classorg.carrot2.text.suffixtreeCarrotjavadoc
ISequenceA sequence of elements from which a SuffixTree can be built.Interfaceorg.carrot2.text.suffixtreeCarrotjavadoc
SuffixTreeBuilds a suffix tree (or generalized suffix tree) on a sequence of any integers (or objects that can be represented as unique integers).Classorg.carrot2.text.suffixtreeCarrotjavadoc
SuffixTree .IProgressCallbackInterfaceorg.carrot2.text.suffixtreeCarrotjavadoc
SuffixTree .IStateCallbackA callback invoked when new states are added to the tree.Interfaceorg.carrot2.text.suffixtreeCarrotjavadoc
SuffixTree .IVisitorVisitor interface for traversals.Interfaceorg.carrot2.text.suffixtreeCarrotjavadoc
SuffixTree .VisitorAdapterEmpty implementation recursively walking the entire suffix tree.Classorg.carrot2.text.suffixtreeCarrotjavadoc
SuffixTreeBuilderBuilds a suffix tree using method chains, thus avoiding direct dependency on specialized constructors of SuffixTree.Classorg.carrot2.text.suffixtreeCarrotjavadoc

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