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#Org.custommonkey.xmlunit.examples Classes and Interfaces - 7 results found.
CaseInsensitiveDifferenceListenerIgnores case for all textual content.Classorg.custommonkey.xmlunit.examplesXMLUnit
CountingNodeTesterCounts the number of nodes in a document to allow assertions to be made Examples and more at xmlunit.Classorg.custommonkey.xmlunit.examplesXMLUnit
FloatingPointTolerantDifferenceListenerExpects texts to be floating point numbers and treats them as identical if they only differ by a given tolerance value (or less).Classorg.custommonkey.xmlunit.examplesXMLUnit
MultiLevelElementNameAndTextQualifierPer popular request an interface implementation that uses element names and the text node containes in the n'th child node to compareClassorg.custommonkey.xmlunit.examplesXMLUnit
RecursiveElementNameAndTextQualifierCompares all Element and Text nodes in two pieces of XML.Classorg.custommonkey.xmlunit.examplesXMLUnit
TextDifferenceListenerBaseBase class that delegates all differences to another DifferenceListener.Classorg.custommonkey.xmlunit.examplesXMLUnit
XPathRegexAssertExample demonstrating how to use the XPath API of XMLUnit in conjunction with regular expressions (as provided by theClassorg.custommonkey.xmlunit.examplesXMLUnit