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ContextContext is a way to return a value that can only be realized on the client.Classorg.directwebremoting.ioDirectWebRemoting (DWR)
DwrConvertedExceptionDwrConvertedException are automatically exported by DWR along with the message and (optionally) a map of data.Classorg.directwebremoting.ioDirectWebRemoting (DWR)
FileTransferOne of the 2 ways you can receive uploaded files from a DWR enabled page is to expose a method with a FileTransfer parameter.Classorg.directwebremoting.ioDirectWebRemoting (DWR)
InputStreamFactoryThis class gives some lifecycle to an InputStream.Interfaceorg.directwebremoting.ioDirectWebRemoting (DWR)
ItemAnalogous to a Map.Classorg.directwebremoting.ioDirectWebRemoting (DWR)
ItemUpdateAnalogous to a Map.Classorg.directwebremoting.ioDirectWebRemoting (DWR)
JavascriptFunctionRepresents a callback function, passed in from a client for later execution.Interfaceorg.directwebremoting.ioDirectWebRemoting (DWR)
JavascriptObjectRepresents a JavaScript object, passed in from a client for later use.Interfaceorg.directwebremoting.ioDirectWebRemoting (DWR)
MatchedItemsMatchedItems is simply a holder for a list of matched Items and a total match count, used by:Classorg.directwebremoting.ioDirectWebRemoting (DWR)
OutputStreamLoaderThis class gives some lifecycle to an OutputStream.Interfaceorg.directwebremoting.ioDirectWebRemoting (DWR)
QueryOptionsContains valid dojo data Read API values for the queryOptions object (see http://www.Classorg.directwebremoting.ioDirectWebRemoting (DWR)
RawDataSometimes DWR can't know at runtime the type of the inbound data, this class allows us to defer conversion until we know more about the type we shouldInterfaceorg.directwebremoting.ioDirectWebRemoting (DWR)
SortCriterionA SortCriterion describes one facet of a possible way of sorting some data.Classorg.directwebremoting.ioDirectWebRemoting (DWR)
StoreChangeListenerWe sometimes need to monitor what is happening to a store and the items itAuthor:Joe Walker [joe at getahead dot ltd dot uk]Interfaceorg.directwebremoting.ioDirectWebRemoting (DWR)
StoreRegionA zone of data within a StoreProvider.Classorg.directwebremoting.ioDirectWebRemoting (DWR)
StringWrapperA wrapper around a String to distinguish a string entered into a ScriptBuffer as code and a string entered asClassorg.directwebremoting.ioDirectWebRemoting (DWR)