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#Org.directwebremoting.json.parse.impl Classes and Interfaces - 5 results found.
DebuggingJsonDecoderA proxy implementation of JsonDecoder which simply passes the calls on to another JsonDecoder, but outputs debug logging what happened while theClassorg.directwebremoting.json.parse.implDirectWebRemoting (DWR)
IgnoreJsonDecoderA JsonDecoder that doesn't do anything, which is useful for validations that don't need to get any data, just check it's validity.Classorg.directwebremoting.json.parse.implDirectWebRemoting (DWR)
ReflectionJsonDecoderA JsonDecoder that de-serializes the data into an existing set ofAuthor:Joe Walker [joe at getahead dot ltd dot uk]Classorg.directwebremoting.json.parse.implDirectWebRemoting (DWR)
SimpleJsonDecoderClassorg.directwebremoting.json.parse.implDirectWebRemoting (DWR)
StatefulJsonDecoderA stateful implementation of JsonDecoder where we track the stack of objects and allow a subclass to have a simpler set of things to doClassorg.directwebremoting.json.parse.implDirectWebRemoting (DWR)