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#Org.ektorp.util Classes and Interfaces - 12 results found.
AssertClassorg.ektorp.utilEktorp CouchDb
Base64Encodes and decodes to and from Base64 notation.Classorg.ektorp.utilEktorp CouchDb
Base64 .InputStreamA Base64.Classorg.ektorp.util.Base64Ektorp CouchDb
Base64 .OutputStreamA Base64.Classorg.ektorp.util.Base64Ektorp CouchDb
ClassHierarchyMapIf a class is not directly mapped, this implementation will try to find a value with the key's interfaces instead.Classorg.ektorp.utilEktorp CouchDb
DocumentAccessorInterface for accessing id and rev fields in a document of unknown type.Interfaceorg.ektorp.utilEktorp CouchDb
DocumentsClass for handling id and revision for persistent classes.Classorg.ektorp.utilEktorp CouchDb
ExceptionsClassorg.ektorp.utilEktorp CouchDb
JoinerClassorg.ektorp.utilEktorp CouchDb
JSONComparatorClassorg.ektorp.utilEktorp CouchDb
JSONEncodingClassorg.ektorp.utilEktorp CouchDb
ReflectionUtilsClassorg.ektorp.utilEktorp CouchDb