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#Org.hypergraphdb.algorithms Classes and Interfaces - 9 results found.
CopyGraphTraversal A breadth-first like traversal that will return the same atom multiple times - once for each distinct link leading to it.Classorg.hypergraphdb.algorithmsHypergraphDb
DefaultALGenerator A default implementation of the HGALGenerator that should cover most common cases.Classorg.hypergraphdb.algorithmsHypergraphDb
GraphClassics A collection of classical graph algorithms implemented within the HyperGraphDB framework.Classorg.hypergraphdb.algorithmsHypergraphDb
HGALGenerator This interface defines an adjacency list (AL) generator.Interfaceorg.hypergraphdb.algorithmsHypergraphDb
HGBreadthFirstTraversal Implements a breadth-first search of a graph.Classorg.hypergraphdb.algorithmsHypergraphDb
HGDepthFirstTraversal Implements a depth-first search of a graph.Classorg.hypergraphdb.algorithmsHypergraphDb
HGTraversal This interface represents a generic graph traversal.Interfaceorg.hypergraphdb.algorithmsHypergraphDb
HyperTraversal This class is work in progress - it was done to solve the immediate problem of transferring a sub-graph from one location to another.Classorg.hypergraphdb.algorithmsHypergraphDb
SimpleALGenerator The SimpleALGenerator produces all atoms linked to the given atom, regardless of the link type and regardless of how an outgoing set is ordered.Classorg.hypergraphdb.algorithmsHypergraphDb