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#Org.hypergraphdb.event Classes and Interfaces - 23 results found.
HGAtomAccessedEvent This event is triggered every time an atom is accessed by its handle in HyperGraph.Classorg.hypergraphdb.eventHypergraphDb
HGAtomAddedEvent This is triggered after a new atom, node or link, has been added to to HyperGraph.Classorg.hypergraphdb.eventHypergraphDb
HGAtomEvent This is a base class for various atom related events.Classorg.hypergraphdb.eventHypergraphDb
HGAtomEvictEvent An HGAtomEvictedEvent is triggered by the cache when an atom's run-time instance is removed from memory.Classorg.hypergraphdb.eventHypergraphDb
HGAtomProposeEvent Event triggered when a new atom is about to be added to the graph.Classorg.hypergraphdb.eventHypergraphDb
HGAtomRefusedException This exception is thrown when an attempt to add a new atom to a HyperGraph instance failed.Classorg.hypergraphdb.eventHypergraphDb
HGAtomRemoveRequestEvent A HGAtomRemoveRequestEvent is triggered when an attempt is made to remove an from HyperGraph, but before the removal process proceeds.Classorg.hypergraphdb.eventHypergraphDb
HGAtomReplaceRequestEvent A HGAtomReplaceRequestEvent is triggered when an attempt is made to replace the value of an existing atom within the HyperGraph, but before the replacement process proceeds.Classorg.hypergraphdb.eventHypergraphDb
HGClosingEvent A HGClosingEvent is generated right before the closing and cleanup process of currently opened HyperGraph is initiated.Classorg.hypergraphdb.eventHypergraphDb
HGEvent This interface marks an object that is a HyperGraph event.Interfaceorg.hypergraphdb.eventHypergraphDb
HGEventManager A HGEventManager is bound to a single HyperGraph instance.Interfaceorg.hypergraphdb.eventHypergraphDb
HGListener A HGListener must be implemented in order to be receive notifications about HyperGraph events.Interfaceorg.hypergraphdb.eventHypergraphDb
HGListener .ResultThis result indicates that processing should be cancelled.Classorg.hypergraphdb.event.HGListenerHypergraphDb
HGListenerAtom This is a simple bean-like atom that can be used to register listeners that will be automatically loaded when a HyperGraph is open.Classorg.hypergraphdb.eventHypergraphDb
HGLoadPredefinedTypeEvent This event is triggered by the type system when the run-time instance of a predefined type needs to be loaded in the cache.Classorg.hypergraphdb.eventHypergraphDb
HGOpenedEvent A HGOpenedEvent is generated right after a new HyperGraph instance has been opened and fully initialized.Classorg.hypergraphdb.eventHypergraphDb
HGTransactionEndEventAn event triggered upon completion (successful or not) of each transaction.Classorg.hypergraphdb.eventHypergraphDb
HGTransactionStartedEventAn event triggered upon the start of every database transaction.Classorg.hypergraphdb.eventHypergraphDb