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#Org.hypergraphdb.indexing Classes and Interfaces - 9 results found.
ByPartIndexer Represents by the value of a part in a composite type.Classorg.hypergraphdb.indexingHypergraphDb
ByTargetIndexer Represents an index by a specific target position in ordered links.Classorg.hypergraphdb.indexingHypergraphDb
DirectValueIndexer Index atoms directly by their values serialized as byte[].Classorg.hypergraphdb.indexingHypergraphDb
HGIndexer An HGIndexer represents an atom used internally by HyperGraphDB to manage indices.Interfaceorg.hypergraphdb.indexingHypergraphDb
HGKeyIndexer An HGKeyIndexer represents an atom used internally by HyperGraphDB to manage key-based indices.Classorg.hypergraphdb.indexingHypergraphDb
HGValueIndexer An indexer that not only determines the key in an index entry, but the value as well.Classorg.hypergraphdb.indexingHypergraphDb
LinkIndexer A LinkIndexer indexes atoms by their target ordered set.Classorg.hypergraphdb.indexingHypergraphDb
TargetToTargetIndexer A HGValueIndexer for HyperGraph links where the key in the index is one of the targets within a link and the value is another one of the targets.Classorg.hypergraphdb.indexingHypergraphDb