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#Org.jboss.seam.jsf Classes and Interfaces - 13 results found.
ArrayDataModelA JSF DataModel for arrays.Classorg.jboss.seam.jsfJBoss Seam
DelegatingFacesContext Further, it exposes setCurrentInstance(FacesContext) as a publicConstructor SummaryDelegatingFacesContext(javax.Classorg.jboss.seam.jsfJBoss Seam
ListDataModelA JSF DataModel for lists - yes, I know, JSF has one, but its not serializable (go figure).Classorg.jboss.seam.jsfJBoss Seam
MapDataModelA JSF DataModel for maps.Classorg.jboss.seam.jsfJBoss Seam
SeamApplicationClassorg.jboss.seam.jsfJBoss Seam
SeamApplicationFactoryFactory for SeamApplication (how could you possibly have figured that out without JavaDoc?)Classorg.jboss.seam.jsfJBoss Seam
SeamNavigationHandlerAdds three new navigation possibilities beyond the frumpy JSF navigation rules: returning the view idClassorg.jboss.seam.jsfJBoss Seam
SeamPhaseListenerManages the Seam contexts associated with a JSF request throughout the lifecycle of the request.Classorg.jboss.seam.jsfJBoss Seam
SeamStateManagerA wrapper for the JSF implementation's StateManager that allows us to intercept saving of the serialized component tree.Classorg.jboss.seam.jsfJBoss Seam
SeamViewHandlerAllows the JSF view locale to be integrated with the locale coming from Seam internationalization.Classorg.jboss.seam.jsfJBoss Seam
SetDataModelA JSF DataModel for sets.Classorg.jboss.seam.jsfJBoss Seam
UnifiedELMethodBindingNobody should be using MethodBinding anymore, but if they Author:Gavin KingSee Also:Serialized FormClassorg.jboss.seam.jsfJBoss Seam
UnifiedELValueBindingNobody should be using ValueBinding anymore, but if they Author:Gavin KingSee Also:Serialized FormClassorg.jboss.seam.jsfJBoss Seam