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AuthorizationExceptionThrown when an authenticated user has insufficient rights to carry out an action.Classorg.jboss.seam.securityJBoss Seam
BinToolsCopied from Matthias Gartner's PKCS#5 implementation - see Seam
ClassIdentifierStrategyAn Identifier strategy for class-based permission checksConstructor SummaryClassIdentifierStrategy() Seam
ConfigurationFactory for the JAAS Configuration used by Seam Security.Classorg.jboss.seam.securityJBoss Seam
CredentialsClassorg.jboss.seam.securityJBoss Seam
DigestAuthenticatorThis class provides methods for performing Digest (RFC 2617) authentication and is intended to be extended by a concrete Authenticator Seam Seam
DigestUtilsDigest-related utility methods, adapted from Acegi and Apache Seam
DigestValidationExceptionThrown when a DigestRequest fails Seam
EntityActionenum EntityActionextends EnumActions that may be performed upon entitiesClassorg.jboss.seam.securityJBoss Seam
EntityIdentifierStrategyAn Identifier strategy for entity-based permission checksConstructor SummaryEntityIdentifierStrategy() Seam
EntityPermissionCheckerEntity permission checksConstructor SummaryEntityPermissionChecker()Classorg.jboss.seam.securityJBoss Seam
EntitySecurityListenerFacilitates security checks for entity beans.Classorg.jboss.seam.securityJBoss Seam
FacesSecurityEventsProduces FacesMessages in response of certain security events, and helps to decouple the Identity component from JSF.Classorg.jboss.seam.securityJBoss Seam
HibernateSecurityInterceptorFacilitates security checks for Hibernate entitiesAuthor:Shane BryzakSee Also:Serialized FormClassorg.jboss.seam.securityJBoss Seam
IdentifierPolicyA policy for the generation of object "identifiers" - unique Strings that identify a specific instance of an Seam
IdentifierStrategyStrategy for generating permission target Seam
IdentityAPI for authorization and authentication via Seam security.Classorg.jboss.seam.securityJBoss Seam
IdentityManagementExceptionThrown when an exception is encountered during account Seam
IdentityManagerIdentity Management API, deals with user name/password-based identity Seam
IdentityStoreThe identity store does the actual work of persisting user accounts in a database, LDAP directory, Seam
IdentityStore Seam
IdentityStore .FeatureSetRepresents a set of optional features that an IdentityStore implementation might Seam
JpaIdentityStoreThe default identity store implementation, uses JPA as its persistence Seam
JpaPermissionStoreA permission store implementation that uses JPA as its persistence Seam
JpaTokenStoreA TokenStore implementation, stores tokens inside a database table.Classorg.jboss.seam.securityJBoss Seam
LdapIdentityStoreAn IdentityStore implementation that integrates with a directory Seam
MacBasedPRFCopied from Matthias Gartner's PKCS#5 implementation - see Seam
NoSuchRoleExceptionThrown when an operation is performed on a non-existent Seam
NoSuchUserExceptionThrown when an operation is attempted on a non-existent Seam
NotLoggedInExceptionThrown when an unauthenticated user attempts to execute a restricted action.Classorg.jboss.seam.securityJBoss Seam
OpenIdSee Also:Serialized FormConstructor SummaryOpenId() Seam
OpenIdPhaseListenerSee Also:Serialized FormConstructor SummaryOpenIdPhaseListener() Seam Seam Seam
PBKDF2Copied from Matthias Gartner's PKCS#5 implementation - see Seam
PBKDF2EngineCopied from Matthias Gartner's PKCS#5 implementation - see Seam
PBKDF2FormatterCopied from Matthias Gartner's PKCS#5 implementation - see Seam
PBKDF2HexFormatterCopied from Matthias Gartner's PKCS#5 implementation - see Seam
PBKDF2ParametersCopied from Matthias Gartner's PKCS#5 implementation - see Seam
PermissionRepresents a single permission for a particular target, action and recipient Seam
PermissionCheckUsed to assert permission requirements into a WorkingMemory when evaluating a @Restrict Seam
PermissionManagerPermission management component, used to grant or revoke permissions on specific objects or of specific permission types to particular users or Seam
PermissionMapperMaps permission checks to resolver chainsAuthor:Shane BryzakSee Also:Serialized Seam
PermissionMetadataPermission actions can either be persisted as a comma-separated list of values, or as a bit-masked numerical value where certain bits represent specific actions for that Seam Seam
PermissionSearchSee Also:Serialized FormConstructor SummaryPermissionSearch() Seam
PermissionStorePermission store Seam
PersistentPermissionResolverResolves dynamically-assigned permissions, mapped to a user or a role, and kept in persistent storage, such as a relational Seam
PRFCopied from Matthias Gartner's PKCS#5 implementation - see Seam
RememberMeRemember-me functionality is provided by this class, in two different flavours.Classorg.jboss.seam.securityJBoss Seam
RememberMe Seam
ResolverChainA chain of permission Seam
RoleRepresents a user role.Classorg.jboss.seam.securityJBoss Seam
RoleActionSee Also:Serialized FormConstructor SummaryRoleAction() Seam
RoleCheckUsed when performing rule-based conditional role checksAuthor:Shane BryzakSee Also:Serialized Seam
RoleSearchSee Also:Serialized FormConstructor SummaryRoleSearch() Seam
RuleBasedPermissionResolverA permission resolver that uses a Drools rule base to perform permission checksAuthor:Shane BryzakSee Also:Serialized Seam
RunAsOperationDefines a security operation that can be executed within a particular Constructor SummaryRunAsOperation()Classorg.jboss.seam.securityJBoss Seam Seam
SecurityFunctionsDelegating wrapper for EL security functions.Classorg.jboss.seam.securityJBoss Seam
SecurityInterceptorProvides authorization services for component invocations.Classorg.jboss.seam.securityJBoss Seam
SimpleGroupClassorg.jboss.seam.securityJBoss Seam
SimplePrincipalSimple implementation of the Principal interface, supporting a named user.Classorg.jboss.seam.securityJBoss Seam
TokenStoreA store containing user authentication tokens.Interfaceorg.jboss.seam.securityJBoss Seam
UserActionA conversation-scoped component for creating and managing user accountsAuthor:Shane BryzakSee Also:Serialized Seam
UserSearchSee Also:Serialized FormConstructor SummaryUserSearch() Seam