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#Org.jboss.system.server Classes and Interfaces - 14 results found.
LazyMBeanServerAn MBeanServer implementation that bridges between the platform MBeanServer and the jboss implementation.Classorg.jboss.system.server.jmxJBoss System
MBeanServerBuilderImplAn @link{MBeanServerBuilder} that creates a LazyMBeanServer instance to allow the jboss MBeanServerImpl to be created when the ServerImpl is loaded andClassorg.jboss.system.server.jmxJBoss System
NoAnnotationURLClassLoaderA URL classloader to avoid URL annotation of classes in RMIVersion:$Revision: 1.Classorg.jboss.system.serverJBoss System
ServerThe interface of the basic JBoss server component.Interfaceorg.jboss.system.serverJBoss System
ServerConfigThe interface of the basic typed JBoss server configuration.Interfaceorg.jboss.system.serverJBoss System
ServerConfigImplA container for the basic configuration elements required to create MalformedURLException are rethrown as NestedRuntimeExceptions, so thatClassorg.jboss.system.serverJBoss System
ServerConfigImplMBeanInterfaceorg.jboss.system.serverJBoss System
ServerConfigLocatorA helper for locating the ServerConfig instance for the running server.Classorg.jboss.system.serverJBoss System
ServerConfigUtilUtilities for accessing server configuration.Classorg.jboss.system.serverJBoss System
ServerImplThe main container component of a JBoss server instance.Classorg.jboss.system.serverJBoss System
ServerImplMBeanInterfaceorg.jboss.system.serverJBoss System
ServerInfoAn MBean that provides a rich view of system information for the JBoss server in which it is deployed.Classorg.jboss.system.serverJBoss System
ServerInfoMBeanInterfaceorg.jboss.system.serverJBoss System
ServerLoaderA helper class to load a JBoss server instance.Classorg.jboss.system.serverJBoss System