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#Org.jfree.chart.axis Classes and Interfaces - 49 results found.
AxisThe base class for all axes in JFreeChart.Classorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
AxisCollectionA collection of axes that have been assigned to the TOP, BOTTOM, LEFT or RIGHT of a chart.Classorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
AxisLabelLocationUsed to indicate the location of an axis label.Classorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
AxisLocationUsed to indicate the location of an axis on a 2D plot, prior to knowing the orientation of the plot.Classorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
AxisSpaceA record that contains the space required at each edge of a plot.Classorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
AxisStateInstances of this class are used to carry state information for an axis during the drawing process.Classorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
CategoryAnchorUsed to indicate one of three positions within a category: START, MIDDLE and END.Classorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
CategoryAxisAn axis that displays categories.Classorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
CategoryAxis3DAn axis that displays categories and has a 3D effect.Classorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
CategoryLabelPositionThe attributes that control the position of the labels for the categories on a CategoryAxis.Classorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
CategoryLabelPositionsRecords the label positions for a category axis.Classorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
CategoryLabelWidthTypeRepresents the width types for a category label.Classorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
CategoryTickA tick for a CategoryAxis.Classorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
CompassFormatA formatter that displays numbers as directions.Classorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
CyclicNumberAxisThis class extends NumberAxis and handles cycling.Classorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
CyclicNumberAxis .CycleBoundTickA special Number tick that also hold information about the cycle bound mapping for this tick.Classorg.jfree.chart.axis.CyclicNumberAxisJFreeChart
DateAxisThe base class for axes that display dates.Classorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
DateTickA tick used by the DateAxis class.Classorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
DateTickMarkPositionUsed to indicate the required position of tick marks on a date axis relative to the underlying time period.Classorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
DateTickUnitA tick unit for use by subclasses of DateAxis.Classorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
DateTickUnitTypeAn enumeration of the unit types for a DateTickUnit instance.Classorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
ExtendedCategoryAxisAn extended version of the CategoryAxis class that supports sublabels on the axis.Classorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
LogarithmicAxisA numerical axis that uses a logarithmic scale.Classorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
LogAxisA numerical axis that uses a logarithmic scale.Classorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
LogTickA tick from a LogAxis.Classorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
MarkerAxisBandA band that can be added to a number axis to display regions.Classorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
ModuloAxisAn axis that displays numerical values within a fixed range using a moduloSee Also:Serialized FormClassorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
MonthDateFormatA formatter that formats dates to show the initial letter(s) of the month name and, as an option, the year for the first or last month of each year.Classorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
NumberAxisAn axis for displaying numerical data.Classorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
NumberAxis3DA standard linear value axis with a 3D effect corresponding to the offset specified by some renderers.Classorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
NumberTickUnitA numerical tick unit.Classorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
NumberTickUnitSourceA tick unit source implementation that returns NumberTickUnit instances that are multiples of 1, 2 or 5 times some power of 10.Classorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
PeriodAxisAn axis that displays a date scale based on a RegularTimePeriod.Classorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
PeriodAxisLabelInfoA record that contains information for one band of date labels inSee Also:Serialized FormClassorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
QuarterDateFormatA formatter that formats dates to show the year and quarter (for example, '2004 IV' for the last quarter of 2004.Classorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
SegmentedTimelineA Timeline that implements a segmented timeline with included, excluded and exception segments.Classorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
StandardTickUnitSourceA source that can used by the NumberAxis class to obtain a suitable TickUnit.Classorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
SubCategoryAxisA specialised category axis that can display sub-categories.Classorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
SymbolAxisA standard linear value axis that replaces integer values with symbols.Classorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
TickThe base class used to represent labeled ticks along an axis.Classorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
TickTypeUsed to indicate the tick type (MAJOR or MINOR).Classorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
TickUnitBase class representing a tick unit.Classorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
TickUnitsA collection of tick units, used by the DateAxis and NumberAxis classes.Classorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
TickUnitSourceAn interface used by the DateAxis and NumberAxis classes to obtain a suitable TickUnit.Interfaceorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
TimelineAn interface that defines the contract for a Timeline.Interfaceorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart
ValueAxisThe base class for axes that display value data, where values are measured using the double primitive.Classorg.jfree.chart.axisJFreeChart