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#Org.jfree.chart.plot Classes and Interfaces - 71 results found.
AbstractDialLayerA base class that can be used to implement a DialLayer.Classorg.jfree.chart.plot.dialJFreeChart
AbstractPieLabelDistributorA base class for handling the distribution of pie section labels.Classorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
ArcDialFrameA standard frame for the DialPlot class.Classorg.jfree.chart.plot.dialJFreeChart
CategoryCrosshairStateRepresents state information for the crosshairs in a CategoryPlot.Classorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
CategoryMarkerA marker for a category.Classorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
CategoryPlotA general plotting class that uses data from a CategoryDataset and renders each data item using a CategoryItemRenderer.Classorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
CenterTextModeThe mode for the center text on a RingPlot.Classorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
ColorPaletteDefines palette used by ContourPlot.Classorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
CombinedDomainCategoryPlotA combined category plot where the domain axis is shared.Classorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
CombinedDomainXYPlotAn extension of XYPlot that contains multiple subplots that share a common domain axis.Classorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
CombinedRangeCategoryPlotA combined category plot where the range axis is shared.Classorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
CombinedRangeXYPlotAn extension of XYPlot that contains multiple subplots that share aSee Also:Serialized FormClassorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
CompassPlotA specialised plot that draws a compass to indicate a direction based on the value from a ValueDataset.Classorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
ContourPlotA class for creating shaded contours.Classorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
ContourPlotUtilitiesSome utility methods for the ContourPlot class.Classorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
ContourValuePlotAn interface defining methods related to contour plots.Interfaceorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
CrosshairA crosshair for display on a plot.Classorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
CrosshairStateMaintains state information about crosshairs on a plot between successive calls to the renderer's draw method.Classorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
DatasetRenderingOrderDefines the tokens that indicate the rendering order for datasets in aSee Also:Serialized FormClassorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
DefaultDrawingSupplierA default implementation of the DrawingSupplier interface.Classorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
DialBackgroundA regular dial layer that can be used to draw the background for a dial.Classorg.jfree.chart.plot.dialJFreeChart
DialCapA regular dial layer that can be used to draw a cap over the center of the dial (the base of the dial pointer(s)).Classorg.jfree.chart.plot.dialJFreeChart
DialFrameA dial frame is the face plate for a dial plot - it is always drawn last.Interfaceorg.jfree.chart.plot.dialJFreeChart
DialLayerA dial layer draws itself within a reference frame.Interfaceorg.jfree.chart.plot.dialJFreeChart
DialLayerChangeEventAn event that can be forwarded to any DialLayerChangeListener to signal a change to a DialLayer.Classorg.jfree.chart.plot.dialJFreeChart
DialLayerChangeListenerThe interface via which an object is notified of changes to a DialLayer.Interfaceorg.jfree.chart.plot.dialJFreeChart
DialPlotA dial plot composed of user-definable layers.Classorg.jfree.chart.plot.dialJFreeChart
DialPointerA base class for the pointer in a DialPlot.Classorg.jfree.chart.plot.dialJFreeChart
DialPointer .PinA dial pointer that draws a thin line (like a pin).Classorg.jfree.chart.plot.dial.DialPointerJFreeChart
DialPointer .PointerClassorg.jfree.chart.plot.dial.DialPointerJFreeChart
DialScaleA dial scale is a specialised layer that has the ability to convert data values into angles.Interfaceorg.jfree.chart.plot.dialJFreeChart
DialShapeUsed to indicate the background shape for aSee Also:Serialized FormClassorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
DialTextAnnotationA text annotation for a DialPlot.Classorg.jfree.chart.plot.dialJFreeChart
DialValueIndicatorA value indicator for a DialPlot.Classorg.jfree.chart.plot.dialJFreeChart
DrawingSupplierA supplier of Paint, Stroke and Shape objects for use by plots and renderers.Interfaceorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
FastScatterPlotA fast scatter plot.Classorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
GreyPaletteA grey color palette.Classorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
IntervalMarkerRepresents an interval to be highlighted in some way.Classorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
JThermometerAn initial quick and dirty.Classorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
MarkerThe base class for markers that can be added to plots to highlight a value or range of values.Classorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
MeterIntervalAn interval to be highlighted on a MeterPlot.Classorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
MeterPlotA plot that displays a single value in the form of a needle on a dial.Classorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
MultiplePiePlotA plot that displays multiple pie plots using data from aSee Also:Serialized FormClassorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
PannableAn interface that the ChartPanel class uses to communicate with plots that support panning.Interfaceorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
PieLabelDistributorThis class distributes the section labels for one side of a pie chart so that they do not overlap.Classorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
PieLabelLinkStyleUsed to indicate the style for the lines linking pie sections to their corresponding labels.Classorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
PieLabelRecordA structure that retains information about the label for a section in a pieSee Also:Serialized FormClassorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
PiePlotA plot that displays data in the form of a pie chart, using data from any class that implements the PieDataset interface.Classorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
PiePlot3DA plot that displays data in the form of a 3D pie chart, using data from any class that implements the PieDataset interface.Classorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
PlotThe base class for all plots in JFreeChart.Classorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
PlotOrientationUsed to indicate the orientation (horizontal or vertical) of a 2D plot.Classorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
PlotRenderingInfoStores information about the dimensions of a plot and its subplots.Classorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
PlotStateRecords information about the state of a plot during the drawing process.Classorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
PlotUtilitiesSome utility methods related to the plot classes.Classorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
PolarAxisLocationUsed to indicate the location of an axis on a PolarPlot.Classorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
PolarPlotPlots data that is in (theta, radius) pairs where theta equal to zero is due north and increases clockwise.Classorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
RainbowPaletteContains the data to construct an 8-bit rainbow palette This come from an old application which ran on 8-bit graphics device.Classorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
RingPlotA customised pie plot that leaves a hole in the middle.Classorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
SeriesRenderingOrderDefines the tokens that indicate the rendering order for series in aSee Also:Serialized FormClassorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
SpiderWebPlotA plot that displays data from a CategoryDataset in the form of a spider web.Classorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
StandardDialFrameA simple circular frame for the DialPlot class.Classorg.jfree.chart.plot.dialJFreeChart
StandardDialRangeA layer that draws a range highlight on a dial plot.Classorg.jfree.chart.plot.dialJFreeChart
StandardDialScaleA scale for a DialPlot.Classorg.jfree.chart.plot.dialJFreeChart
ThermometerPlotA plot that displays a single value (from a ValueDataset) in a thermometer type display.Classorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
ValueAxisPlotAn interface that is implemented by plots that use a ValueAxis, providing a standard method to find the current data range.Interfaceorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
ValueMarkerA marker that represents a single value.Classorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
XYPlotA general class for plotting data in the form of (x, y) pairs.Classorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart
ZoomableA plot that is zoomable must implement this interface to provide a mechanism for the ChartPanel to control the zooming.Interfaceorg.jfree.chart.plotJFreeChart