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DateRangeA range specified in terms of two
DayRepresents a single day in the range 1-Jan-1900 to
DynamicTimeSeriesCollection Like FastTimeSeriesCollection, this class is a functional replacement for JFreeChart's TimeSeriesCollection _and_ TimeSeries
FixedMillisecondWrapper for a
HourRepresents an hour in a specific
MillisecondRepresents a
MinuteRepresents a
MonthRepresents a single
MovingAverageA utility class for calculating moving averages of time series
OHLCA data record containing open-high-low-close data (immutable)
OHLCItemAn item representing data in the form (time-period, open, high, low,
OHLCSeriesA list of (RegularTimePeriod, open, high, low, close) data
OHLCSeriesCollectionA collection of OHLCSeries
QuarterDefines a quarter (in a given year)
RegularTimePeriodAn abstract class representing a unit of
SecondRepresents a second in a particular
SimpleTimePeriodAn arbitrary period of time, measured to millisecond precision using This class is intentionally immutable (that is, once constructed, you
TimePeriodA period of time measured to millisecond precision using two instances ofReturns the end date/
TimePeriodAnchorUsed to indicate one of three positions in a time period: START, MIDDLE and
TimePeriodFormatExceptionAn exception that indicates an invalid format in a string representing aSee Also:Serialized
TimePeriodValueRepresents a time period and an associated
TimePeriodValuesA structure containing zero, one or many TimePeriodValue
TimePeriodValuesCollectionA collection of TimePeriodValues
TimeSeriesRepresents a sequence of zero or more data items in the form (period, value) where 'period' is some instance of a subclass of
TimeSeriesCollectionA collection of time series
TimeSeriesDataItemRepresents one data item in a time
TimeSeriesTableModelWrapper around a time series to convert it to a table model for use inSee Also:Serialized
TimeTableXYDatasetA dataset for regular time periods that implements the TableXYDataset
WeekA calendar
YearRepresents a year in the range -9999 to