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#Org.jmock.lib Classes and Interfaces - 23 results found.
ActionSequenceReturns the next of a sequence of elements each time it is invoked.Classorg.jmock.lib.actionJMockjavadoc
AssertionErrorTranslatorTranslates ExpectationErrors into AssertionErrors that severalClassorg.jmock.libJMockjavadoc
BlitzerA class that "blitzes" an object by calling it many times, from multiple threads.Classorg.jmock.lib.concurrentJMockjavadoc
CamelCaseNamingSchemeA naming scheme in which the implicit name for a mock object is the mocked type's name with the first character in lower case.Classorg.jmock.libJMockjavadoc
ClassImposteriserThis class lets you imposterise abstract and concrete classes without calling the constructors of the mocked class.Classorg.jmock.lib.legacyJMockjavadoc
ClassImposteriser .ClassWithSuperclassToWorkAroundCglibBugConstructor SummaryClassImposteriser.Classorg.jmock.lib.legacyJMockjavadoc
CustomActionA partial implementation of the Action interface that makes it convenient to implement application-specific actions with inline anonymous classes.Classorg.jmock.lib.actionJMockjavadoc
DeterministicExecutorAn Executor that executes commands on the thread that calls runPendingCommands or runUntilIdle.Classorg.jmock.lib.concurrentJMockjavadoc
DeterministicSchedulerA ScheduledExecutorService that executes commands on the thread that calls runNextPendingCommand, runUntilIdle or Classorg.jmock.lib.concurrentJMockjavadoc
DoAllActionPerforms multiple actions every time it is invoked.Classorg.jmock.lib.actionJMockjavadoc
IdentityExpectationErrorTranslatorAn ExpectationErrorTranslator that doesn't do any translation.Classorg.jmock.libJMockjavadoc
JavaReflectionImposteriserAn Imposteriser that uses the Proxy class of the Java Reflection API.Classorg.jmock.libJMockjavadoc
LastWordNamingSchemeA naming scheme in which the implicit name for a mock object is the last word of the mocked type's name in lower case.Classorg.jmock.libJMockjavadoc
RetroNamingSchemeA naming scheme in which the implicit name for a mock object is the mocked type's name prepend with "mock".Classorg.jmock.libJMockjavadoc
ReturnEnumerationActionReturns an Enumeration over a collection.Classorg.jmock.lib.actionJMockjavadoc
ReturnIteratorActionReturns an Iterator over a collection.Classorg.jmock.lib.actionJMockjavadoc
ScriptedActionAn Action that executes a BeanShell script.Classorg.jmock.lib.scriptJMockjavadoc
SynchroniserA ThreadingPolicy that makes the Mockery thread-safe and helps tests synchronise with background threads.Classorg.jmock.lib.concurrentJMockjavadoc
ThrowActionThrows an exception.Classorg.jmock.lib.actionJMockjavadoc
UnsupportedSynchronousOperationExceptionThrown to report that a DeterministicScheduler has been asked to perform a blocking wait, which is not supported.Classorg.jmock.lib.concurrentJMockjavadoc
VoidActionReturns nothing from a void method.Classorg.jmock.lib.actionJMockjavadoc

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