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#Org.jmock.lib.action Classes and Interfaces - 8 results found.
ActionSequenceReturns the next of a sequence of elements each time it is invoked.Classorg.jmock.lib.actionJMockjavadoc
CustomActionA partial implementation of the Action interface that makes it convenient to implement application-specific actions with inline anonymous classes.Classorg.jmock.lib.actionJMockjavadoc
DoAllActionPerforms multiple actions every time it is invoked.Classorg.jmock.lib.actionJMockjavadoc
ReturnEnumerationActionReturns an Enumeration over a collection.Classorg.jmock.lib.actionJMockjavadoc
ReturnIteratorActionReturns an Iterator over a collection.Classorg.jmock.lib.actionJMockjavadoc
ThrowActionThrows an exception.Classorg.jmock.lib.actionJMockjavadoc
VoidActionReturns nothing from a void method.Classorg.jmock.lib.actionJMockjavadoc

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