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#Org.jmock.lib.concurrent Classes and Interfaces - 5 results found.
BlitzerA class that "blitzes" an object by calling it many times, from multiple threads.Classorg.jmock.lib.concurrentJMockjavadoc
DeterministicExecutorAn Executor that executes commands on the thread that calls runPendingCommands or runUntilIdle.Classorg.jmock.lib.concurrentJMockjavadoc
DeterministicSchedulerA ScheduledExecutorService that executes commands on the thread that calls runNextPendingCommand, runUntilIdle or Classorg.jmock.lib.concurrentJMockjavadoc
SynchroniserA ThreadingPolicy that makes the Mockery thread-safe and helps tests synchronise with background threads.Classorg.jmock.lib.concurrentJMockjavadoc
UnsupportedSynchronousOperationExceptionThrown to report that a DeterministicScheduler has been asked to perform a blocking wait, which is not supported.Classorg.jmock.lib.concurrentJMockjavadoc

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