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#Org.jooq.exception Classes and Interfaces - 12 results found.
ControlFlowSignalAn exception that is used to influence control flows.Classorg.jooq.exceptionJooq
DataAccessExceptionThe DataAccessException is a generic RuntimeException indicating that something went wrong while executing a SQL statement fromClassorg.jooq.exceptionJooq
DataChangedExceptionAn error occurred while storing a record whose underlying data had alreadyAuthor:Lukas EderSee Also:UpdatableRecord.Classorg.jooq.exceptionJooq
DataTypeExceptionAn error occurred while handling data types.Classorg.jooq.exceptionJooq
DetachedExceptionAn operation was invoked on a detached object (Query, QueryPart, or UpdatableRecord).Classorg.jooq.exceptionJooq
InvalidResultExceptionAn unexpected result was encountered after executing a Query.Classorg.jooq.exceptionJooq
IOExceptionThe jOOQ IOException is a wrapper for aAuthor:Lukas EderSee Also:Serialized FormClassorg.jooq.exceptionJooq
LoaderConfigurationExceptionThe LoaderConfigurationException indicates that a Loader was executed with an illegal execution configuration.Classorg.jooq.exceptionJooq
MappingExceptionAn error occurred while fetching data into a user defined Java object with any of these methods:Classorg.jooq.exceptionJooq
NoDataFoundExceptionNo rows were returned from a ResultQuery, when exactly one row wasAuthor:Lukas EderSee Also:Serialized FormClassorg.jooq.exceptionJooq
SQLDialectNotSupportedExceptionAn exception thrown if an SQL construct is used, which is not supported by the dialect set in Configuration.Classorg.jooq.exceptionJooq
TooManyRowsExceptionToo many rows (more than 1) were returned from a ResultQuery.Classorg.jooq.exceptionJooq