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ContainerFactoryContainer factory for creating containers for JSON object and JSON
ContentHandlerA simplified and stoppable SAX-like content handler for stream processing of JSON
ConvertUtility methods for type conversions This class provides less type-safety than the general jOOQ API methods.Classorg.jooq.toolsJooq
CSVParserA very simple CSV parser released under a commercial-friendly
CSVReaderA very simple CSV reader released under a commercial-friendly
DefaultCallableStatementA default JDBC CallableStatement implementation delegating all JDBC
DefaultConnectionA default JDBC Connection implementation delegating all JDBC
DefaultPreparedStatementA default JDBC PreparedStatement implementation delegating all JDBC
DefaultResultSetA default JDBC ResultSet implementation delegating all JDBC
DefaultStatementA default JDBC Statement implementation delegating all JDBC
JDBC41ConnectionAdd JDBC
JDBC41ResultSetAdd JDBC
JDBC41StatementAdd JDBC
JDBCUtilsJDBC-related utility
JooqLoggerThe jOOQ logger abstraction.Classorg.jooq.toolsJooq
JSONParserParser for JSON
LoggerListenerA default ExecuteListener that just logs events to java.Classorg.jooq.toolsJooq
MockCallableAn FunctionalInterface that wraps mockable
MockConfigurationA mock
MockConnection Mock connections can be used to supply jOOQ with unit test data, avoiding the round-trip of using an actual in-memory test database, such as Derby, H2
MockConnectionProviderA mock connection
MockDataProviderA data provider for mock query
MockExecuteContextA mock execution
MockFileDatabaseA file-based
MockResult This type is used to wrap unified results of DDL and DML query
MockResultSetMetaDataA mock result set meta data
MockRunnableAn FunctionalInterface that wraps mockable
MockStatement This statement can be used to mock any of these: Statement PreparedStatement
ParseExceptionParseException explains why and where the error occurs in source JSON
ReflectA wrapper for an Object or Class upon which reflective calls An example of using Reflect is
ReflectExceptionA unchecked wrapper for any of Java's checked reflection exceptions: These exceptions
StopWatchListenerA default ExecuteListener that just logs events to java.Classorg.jooq.toolsJooq
StringUtils Operations on String that are null safe.Classorg.jooq.toolsJooq