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#Org.jppf.client.event Classes and Interfaces - 17 results found.
ClientConnectionStatusEventEvent sent to notify of a status change for a client connection.Classorg.jppf.client.eventJppf
ClientConnectionStatusHandlerInterface implemented by all classes that desire to handle a connection status and notify others about status changes.Interfaceorg.jppf.client.eventJppf
ClientConnectionStatusListenerInstances of this class listen to status change events on client connections.Interfaceorg.jppf.client.eventJppf
ClientEventInstances of this class are events sent to notify interested listeners that a new connection to a JPPF driver was created.Classorg.jppf.client.eventJppf
ClientListenerListener interface for receiving notifications when a new connection to a server is established and when an existing connections fails and is removed from the client.Interfaceorg.jppf.client.eventJppf
ClientQueueEventInstances of this class represent events emitted by the JPPF client job queue whenever a job is added to or removed from the queue.Classorg.jppf.client.eventJppf
ClientQueueListenerInterface for classes that wish to be notified of jobs added to or removed from the job queue.Interfaceorg.jppf.client.eventJppf
ClientQueueListenerAdapterClient queue listener adapter, providing no-op implementations of the ClientQueueListener interface methods.Classorg.jppf.client.eventJppf
ConnectionPoolEventInstances of this class represent events in a JPPFConnectionPool's life cycle.Classorg.jppf.client.eventJppf
ConnectionPoolListenerBase interface for classes wishing to be notified of connection pool events.Interfaceorg.jppf.client.eventJppf
ConnectionPoolListenerAdapterThis adapter class provides an empty implementation of each method in the ConnectionPoolListener interface.Classorg.jppf.client.eventJppf
JobEventEvent emitted by a job when its execution starts or completes.Classorg.jppf.client.eventJppf
JobListenerListener interface for receiving job started and job ended event notifications.Interfaceorg.jppf.client.eventJppf
JobListenerAdapterA convenience class which allows subclassing and implementing only the needed methods of JobListener.Classorg.jppf.client.eventJppf
JobStatusEventInstances of this class represent a status change notification for a jppf job.Classorg.jppf.client.eventJppf
JobStatusListenerListener interface for receiving job status change notifications.Interfaceorg.jppf.client.eventJppf