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AbstractJobComponentBase superclass for components of a JPPF job hierarchy.Classorg.jppf.client.monitoring.jobsJppf
JobInstanes of this class represent a job as seen by a driver.Classorg.jppf.client.monitoring.jobsJppf
JobDispatchThis class represents the dispatch of a job to a node.Classorg.jppf.client.monitoring.jobsJppf
JobDriverAN instance of this class represents a JPPF driver in the jobs hierarchy.Classorg.jppf.client.monitoring.jobsJppf
JobMonitorThis class provides a representation of the jobs and corresponding node dispatches executing in a JPPF grid.Classorg.jppf.client.monitoring.jobsJppf
JobMonitoringEventThis class represents an event emitteed by a JobMonitor.Classorg.jppf.client.monitoring.jobsJppf
JobMonitoringListenerListener interface for changes in the jobs of one or more drivers.Interfaceorg.jppf.client.monitoring.jobsJppf
JobMonitoringListenerAdapterA convenience class for subclasses that wish to subscribe to job monitoring events without having to implement all the methods of the JobMonitoringListener interface.Classorg.jppf.client.monitoring.jobsJppf
JobMonitorUpdateModeenum JobMonitorUpdateModeEnumeration of the possible ways job updates are published as events by the job monitor.Classorg.jppf.client.monitoring.jobsJppf