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#Org.jppf.node.screensaver Classes and Interfaces - 9 results found.
FocusedJFrameThis extension of JFrale ensures that the frame is brought to the fore, on top of any other window, when toFront() is called.Classorg.jppf.node.screensaverJppf
JPPFScreenSaverThis is the interface to implement for any custom implementation of a screen saver associated with a JPPF node.Interfaceorg.jppf.node.screensaverJppf
JPPFScreenSaverImplA built-in screen saver implementation.Classorg.jppf.node.screensaver.implJppf
NodeIntegrationThis interface groups two other interfaces, from which the screen saver can receive notifications from the node.Interfaceorg.jppf.node.screensaverJppf
NodeIntegrationAdapterAn abstract adapter class for receiving node events.Classorg.jppf.node.screensaverJppf
NodePanelThis class displays the connection status, execution status and number of tasks for a node.Classorg.jppf.node.screensaver.implJppf
NodeStateInstances of this class represent information about a node.Classorg.jppf.node.screensaver.implJppf
ScreenSaverMainMain entry point for starting the screen saver.Classorg.jppf.node.screensaverJppf
SimpleScreenSaverA built-in simple screen saver implementation.Classorg.jppf.node.screensaver.implJppf