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AccountA class representing a bank account on which you can store money or properties on some things.Classorg.jscience.economics.moneyJScience
ChangeSourceA class representing a currency conveter.Interfaceorg.jscience.economics.moneyJScience
CheckA class representing a paper form of payment from one person to another.Classorg.jscience.economics.moneyJScience
CurrenciesA class representing a list of common currencies as of circa 2000.Classorg.jscience.economics.moneyJScience
Currency This class represents a currency Unit.Classorg.jscience.economics.moneyJScience
MoneyThis interface represents something generally accepted as a medium of exchange, a measure of value, or a means of payment.Interfaceorg.jscience.economics.moneyJScience
MoneyUtilsA class prividing useful methods to compute interest rates.Classorg.jscience.economics.moneyJScience
OandaChangeSourceCurrency data source for
QuoteA class representing a Quote on a market.Classorg.jscience.economics.moneyJScience
QuoteSourceInterface for classes that will retrieve quotes from data sources.Interfaceorg.jscience.economics.moneyJScience
ReceiptA class representing a receipt for the person who pays or a bill for the person who provides the goods or services.Classorg.jscience.economics.moneyJScience
SearchHitA small class representing a search
ShareA class representing a share in a company, a value, a title ofConstructor SummaryShare(java.Classorg.jscience.economics.moneyJScience
SymbolSourceInterface for classes that perform symbol searches.Interfaceorg.jscience.economics.moneyJScience
TransactionA class representing an exchange of money and goods or services between two parties.Classorg.jscience.economics.moneyJScience
WalletA class representing a wallet (a store of money).Classorg.jscience.economics.moneyJScience
YahooChangeSourceFields inherited from class
YahooQuoteSourceA QuoteSource for the Yahoo! Finance site in CSV
YahooSymbolSourceA class to search for symbols on Yahoo