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BNDMAn implementation of the Backwards Non-deterministic Dawg (Directed acyclic word graph) Matching algorithm by Gonzalo Navarro and MathieuClassorg.jscience.linguistics.searchJScience
BNDMWildcardsAn implementation of the BNDM algorithm with wildcards ("don't care" symbols).Classorg.jscience.linguistics.searchJScience
BoyerMooreHorspoolAn implementation of Horspool's improved version of the Boyer-Moore String searching algorithm.Classorg.jscience.linguistics.searchJScience
BoyerMooreHorspoolRaitaAn implementation of Raita's enhancement to the Boyer-Moore-Horspool String searching algorithm.Classorg.jscience.linguistics.searchJScience
BoyerMooreSundayAn implementation of Sunday's simplified "Quick Finder" version of the Boyer-Moore algorithm.Classorg.jscience.linguistics.searchJScience
CharIntMapThe CharIntMap is a collection to save char to int mappings in.Classorg.jscience.linguistics.searchJScience
MismatchSearchSubclasses of MismatchSearch allow for searching with a fixed number of possible errors.Classorg.jscience.linguistics.searchJScience
ShiftOrAn implementation of the Shift-Or algorithm by Ricardo Baeza-Yates and Gaston Gonnet as outlined in "A New Approach to Text Searching" (appearedClassorg.jscience.linguistics.searchJScience
ShiftOrClassesAn implementation of the Shift-Or algorithm that supports character classes.Classorg.jscience.linguistics.searchJScience
ShiftOrMismatchesAn implementation of the Shift-Or algorithm with mismatches.Classorg.jscience.linguistics.searchJScience
ShiftOrWildcardsAn implementation of the Shift-Or algorithm with wildcards ("don't care" symbols).Classorg.jscience.linguistics.searchJScience
StringSearchThe base class for String searching implementations.Classorg.jscience.linguistics.searchJScience
StringSearch .DispatchThe Dispatch class implements the strategy to convert Strings to char arrays and calls the appropriateClassorg.jscience.linguistics.searchJScience
StringSearch .ReflectionDispatchThe ReflectionDispatch class is used if Reflection can be used to access the underlying char array in Strings to avoid the cloningClassorg.jscience.linguistics.searchJScience