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#Org.jscience.swing Classes and Interfaces - 58 results found.
ArrowIconAn Icon showing an arrow with a specifiable direction and size.Classorg.jscience.swing.spinner.iconsJScience
CloseButtonA simple JButton that will call parent.Classorg.jscience.swingJScience
DefaultJoggleModelA default implementation of the JoggleModel interface.Classorg.jscience.swing.joggleJScience
FontSelectionEventAn event that characterizes a change in the current font selection.Classorg.jscience.swingJScience
FontSelectionListenerThe listener that's notified when a font selection changesSee Also:FontSelectionEvent, Interfaceorg.jscience.swingJScience
FontViewerA nice little Font Viewer GUI application.Classorg.jscience.swingJScience
ImageLoaderJust a GUI for loading images in an ImageViewer objectSee Also:ImageViewer, Classorg.jscience.swingJScience
ImageViewerImageViewer simply displays images in a frame.Classorg.jscience.swingJScience
JAlarmClockA little GUI app with a JWatchLabel that can be run, halted and set.Classorg.jscience.swingJScience
JBallThis class models a ball that has a specified ball color, text color, size, value, and state.Classorg.jscience.swingJScience
JBarGraphA bar graph Swing component.Classorg.jscience.swingJScience
JCardThis class models a playing card from a standard deck.Classorg.jscience.swingJScience
JCardHandThis class is a container that holds cards.Classorg.jscience.swingJScience
JCategoryGraph2DThe JCategoryGraph2D superclass provides an abstract encapsulation of 2DSee Also:Serialized FormClassorg.jscience.swingJScience
JCoinThis class defines a coin with specified colors, value, and probability of heads.Classorg.jscience.swingJScience
JCoinBoxThis class is a container that holds coins.Classorg.jscience.swingJScience
JContourPlotA contour plot Swing component.Classorg.jscience.swingJScience
JDBCInfoPanedisplays information on a JDBC connection including table's row and meta data.Classorg.jscience.swingJScience
JDiceBoardThis class is a container that holds dice.Classorg.jscience.swingJScience
JDieThis class models a standard, 6-sided die with specified colors andSee Also:Serialized FormClassorg.jscience.swingJScience
JDiskUsageshows disk usage based on the given root directory.Classorg.jscience.swingJScience
JDoubleBufferedComponentThe JDoubleBufferedComponent class provides double buffering functionality.Classorg.jscience.swingJScience
JFileFieldA text component that denotes a file path; supports mouse drops from file system and provides a convenient JFileChooser.Classorg.jscience.swingJScience
JFontChooserprovides a nice GUI mechanism to choose a System Font (with preview and compare option and several other features).Classorg.jscience.swingJScience
JFontControlprovides a Font control component that can be used in a menu or toolbar.Classorg.jscience.swingJScience
JFontFileChooserprovides a nice GUI mechanism to choose a Font from the file system.Classorg.jscience.swingJScience
JGraph2DThe JGraph2D superclass provides an abstract encapsulation of 2D graphs.Classorg.jscience.swingJScience
JGraphLayoutA graph layout arranges components in the style of a graph.Classorg.jscience.swingJScience
JImageCanvasThe JImageCanvas class allows an image to be directly added to aSee Also:Serialized FormClassorg.jscience.swingJScience
JLayeredBarGraphA layered bar graph Swing component.Classorg.jscience.swingJScience
JLineGraphA line graph Swing component.Classorg.jscience.swingJScience
JLineGraph3DA 3D line graph Swing component.Classorg.jscience.swingJScience
JLineTraceA line trace Swing component.Classorg.jscience.swingJScience
JMainFramea convenient JFrame providing some basic nice stuffSee Also:Serialized FormClassorg.jscience.swingJScience
JMemoryGaugea component that displays current memory consumptionSee Also:Serialized FormClassorg.jscience.swingJScience
JoggleA Component drawing a joggle (or wheel) you can drag to move it (scroll) and change a value to the corresponding JoggleModel.Classorg.jscience.swing.joggleJScience
JoggleModelA model representing a bounded or unbounded double value sequence.Interfaceorg.jscience.swing.joggleJScience
JPieChartA pie chart Swing component.Classorg.jscience.swingJScience
JScatterGraphA scatter graph Swing component.Classorg.jscience.swingJScience
JSchedulera convenient GUI to schedule predefined tasksSee Also:Serialized FormClassorg.jscience.swingJScience
JStackedBarGraphA stacked bar graph Swing component.Classorg.jscience.swingJScience
JTextViewera very simple text viewer w/ copy/print/save capabilitiesSince:04/01/2004See Also:Serialized FormClassorg.jscience.swingJScience
JTimeChooserA simple specialized JSpinner using java.Classorg.jscience.swingJScience
JUrnThis class is a container (actually a panel) that holds balls.Classorg.jscience.swingJScience
JWatchLabelJWatchLabel is a JComponent that displays either the current time or a given Stopwatch updated every secondClassorg.jscience.swingJScience
LanguageEnglish language resources for the org.Classorg.jscience.swingJScience
Language_deDeutsche Uebersetzung fuer die org.Classorg.jscience.swingJScience
MenusMenus provides some convenient menus and dialogs that are potentially useful for any Java Swing Application.Classorg.jscience.swingJScience
PropertiesEditora convenient graphical editor for PropertiesSee Also:Serialized FormClassorg.jscience.swingJScience
RectanglesIconAn Icon showing two vertical rectangles.Classorg.jscience.swing.spinner.iconsJScience
SharableTimerThis Timer is optimized for sharable usage from different contexts, for example: Two Objects want to share one Timer.Classorg.jscience.swing.spinnerJScience
SpinnerTimerControlThis JPanel contains a JSpinner and a handling a timer iterating through the SpinnerModel'sClassorg.jscience.swing.spinnerJScience
SplashScreenfor use as a splash screen.Classorg.jscience.swingJScience
SquareIconAn Icon showing a square.Classorg.jscience.swing.spinner.iconsJScience
TimerControlPanelA TimerControlPanel is useful whenever you want to control value sequences by an easy-to-use UI.Classorg.jscience.swing.spinnerJScience