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#Org.junit.runner Classes and Interfaces - 22 results found.
AllTestsRunner for use with JUnit 3.Classorg.junit.runnersJUnit
BlockJUnit4ClassRunner annotations in the org.Classorg.junit.runnersJUnit
DescriptionA Description describes a test which is to be run or has been run.Classorg.junit.runnerJUnit
FailureA Failure holds a description of the failed test and the exception that was thrown while running it.Classorg.junit.runner.notificationJUnit
FilterThe canonical case of filtering is when you want to run a single test method in a class.Classorg.junit.runner.manipulationJUnit
FilterableRunners that allow filtering should implement this interface.Interfaceorg.junit.runner.manipulationJUnit
JUnit4Aliases the current default JUnit 4 class runner, for future-proofing.Classorg.junit.runnersJUnit
JUnitCoreJUnitCore is a facade for running tests.Classorg.junit.runnerJUnit
NoTestsRemainExceptionThrown when a filter removes all tests from a runner.Classorg.junit.runner.manipulationJUnit
Parameterized The custom runner Parameterized implements parameterized tests.Classorg.junit.runnersJUnit
ParentRunnerProvides most of the functionality specific to a Runner that implements a parent node in the test tree, with children defined by objects of some dataClassorg.junit.runnersJUnit
RequestA Request is an abstract description of tests to be run.Classorg.junit.runnerJUnit
ResultA Result collects and summarizes information from running multiple tests.Classorg.junit.runnerJUnit
RunListenerIf you need to respond to the events during a test run, extend RunListener and override the appropriate methods.Classorg.junit.runner.notificationJUnit
RunnerA Runner runs tests and notifies a RunNotifier of significant events as it does so.Classorg.junit.runnerJUnit
RunNotifierIf you write custom runners, you may need to notify JUnit of your progress running tests.Classorg.junit.runner.notificationJUnit
RunWithWhen a class is annotated with @RunWith or extends a class annotated with @RunWith, JUnit will invoke the class it references to run the Classorg.junit.runnerJUnit
SortableInterface for runners that allow sorting of tests.Interfaceorg.junit.runner.manipulationJUnit
SorterA Sorter orders tests.Classorg.junit.runner.manipulationJUnit
StoppedByUserExceptionThrown when a user has requested that the test run stop.Classorg.junit.runner.notificationJUnit
SuiteUsing Suite as a runner allows you to manually build a suite containing tests from many classes.Classorg.junit.runnersJUnit
Suite .SuiteClassesThe SuiteClasses annotation specifies the classes to be run when a class annotated with @RunWith(Suite.Classorg.junit.runners.SuiteJUnit