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#Org.junit.runners Classes and Interfaces - 7 results found.
AllTestsRunner for use with JUnit 3.Classorg.junit.runnersJUnit
BlockJUnit4ClassRunner annotations in the org.Classorg.junit.runnersJUnit
JUnit4Aliases the current default JUnit 4 class runner, for future-proofing.Classorg.junit.runnersJUnit
Parameterized The custom runner Parameterized implements parameterized tests.Classorg.junit.runnersJUnit
ParentRunnerProvides most of the functionality specific to a Runner that implements a parent node in the test tree, with children defined by objects of some dataClassorg.junit.runnersJUnit
SuiteUsing Suite as a runner allows you to manually build a suite containing tests from many classes.Classorg.junit.runnersJUnit
Suite .SuiteClassesThe SuiteClasses annotation specifies the classes to be run when a class annotated with @RunWith(Suite.Classorg.junit.runners.SuiteJUnit