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#Org.knime.base.node.mine.subgroupminer.apriori Classes and Interfaces - 9 results found.
AprioriAlgorithmThis is an interface to hide the different implementations of the apriori algorithm to the Nodes.Interfaceorg.knime.base.node.mine.subgroupminer.aprioriKNIME
AprioriAlgorithmFactoryTo hide the different implementations of the apriori algorithm to the NodeModel, the NodeDialog simply displays the registeredClassorg.knime.base.node.mine.subgroupminer.aprioriKNIME
AprioriAlgorithmFactory .AlgorithmDataStructureRegister here possible implementations of the apriori algorithm to be provided by the subgroup miner node (SubgroupMinerModel2).Classorg.knime.base.node.mine.subgroupminer.aprioriKNIME
ArrayAprioriThe array apriori uses the ArrayPrefixTreeNodeClassorg.knime.base.node.mine.subgroupminer.aprioriKNIME
ArrayPrefixTreeNodeAn ArrayPrefixTreeNode contains an array containing the counter for the items, where the array position serves as the item identifier.Classorg.knime.base.node.mine.subgroupminer.aprioriKNIME
TIDAprioriThe TIDApriori algorithm is actually an Eclat implementation, since it realizes a depth first search.Classorg.knime.base.node.mine.subgroupminer.aprioriKNIME
TIDItemThe TIDItem consists of an id and a BitSet, where each bit corresponds to a transaction id and is set, if this item is present in the transaction.Classorg.knime.base.node.mine.subgroupminer.aprioriKNIME
TIDItemSetThe TIDItemSet contains of some TIDItems and a BitSet with their common transaction ids.Classorg.knime.base.node.mine.subgroupminer.aprioriKNIME
TIDPrefixTreeNodeAn TIDPrefixTreeNode consists of a TIDItemset, the items in the node, and a list of children of this node.Classorg.knime.base.node.mine.subgroupminer.aprioriKNIME