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#Org.neuroph.nnet.comp.layer Classes and Interfaces - 8 results found.
CompetitiveLayerRepresents layer of competitive neurons, and provides methods for competition.Classorg.neuroph.nnet.comp.layerNeuroph
ConvolutionalLayerConvolutional layer is a special type of layer, used in convolutional neural networks.Classorg.neuroph.nnet.comp.layerNeuroph
FeatureMapsLayerThis class represents an array of feature maps which are 2 dimensional layers (Layer2D instances) and it is base class for Convolution and Pooling layers, Classorg.neuroph.nnet.comp.layerNeuroph
InputLayerRepresents a layer of input neurons - a typical neural network input layerAuthor:Zoran Sevarac See Also:InputNeuron, Classorg.neuroph.nnet.comp.layerNeuroph
InputMapsLayerInput layer for convolutional networksAuthor:Boris Fulurija, Zoran SevaracSee Also:Serialized FormClassorg.neuroph.nnet.comp.layerNeuroph
Layer2D2D Layer provides 2D layout of the neurons in layer.Classorg.neuroph.nnet.comp.layerNeuroph
Layer2D .DimensionsDimensions (width and height) of the Layer2DSee Also:Serialized FormClassorg.neuroph.nnet.comp.layerNeuroph
PoolingLayerPooling layer is a special type of feature maps layer (FeatureMapsLayer) which is used in convolutional networks.Classorg.neuroph.nnet.comp.layerNeuroph