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#Org.neuroph.nnet.comp.neuron Classes and Interfaces - 6 results found.
BiasNeuronNeuron with constant high output (1), used as biasAuthor:Zoran Sevarac See Also:Neuron, Classorg.neuroph.nnet.comp.neuronNeuroph
CompetitiveNeuronProvides neuron behaviour specific for competitive neurons which are used in competitive layers, and networks with competitive learning.Classorg.neuroph.nnet.comp.neuronNeuroph
DelayedNeuronProvides behaviour for neurons with delayed output.Classorg.neuroph.nnet.comp.neuronNeuroph
InputNeuronProvides input neuron behaviour - neuron with input extranaly set, which just transfer that input to output without change.Classorg.neuroph.nnet.comp.neuronNeuroph
InputOutputNeuronProvides behaviour specific for neurons which act as input and the output neurons within the same layer.Classorg.neuroph.nnet.comp.neuronNeuroph
ThresholdNeuronProvides behaviour for neurons with threshold.Classorg.neuroph.nnet.comp.neuronNeuroph