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#Org.neuroph.util.random Classes and Interfaces - 5 results found.
DistortRandomizerThis class provides distort randomization technique, which distorts existing weight values using specified distortion factor.Classorg.neuroph.util.randomNeuroph
GaussianRandomizerThis class provides Gaussian randomization technique using Box Muller method.Classorg.neuroph.util.randomNeuroph
NguyenWidrowRandomizerThis class provides NguyenWidrow randmization technique, which gives very good results for Multi Layer Perceptrons trained with back propagation family of learning rules.Classorg.neuroph.util.randomNeuroph
RangeRandomizerThis class provides ranged weights randomizer, which randomize weights in specified [min, max] range.Classorg.neuroph.util.randomNeuroph
WeightsRandomizerBasic weights randomizer, iterates and randomizes all connection weights in network.Classorg.neuroph.util.randomNeuroph