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ACTIVITY_COMPLETEDThe ACTIVITY_COMPLETED system exception may be raised on any method for which Activity context is accessed.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
ACTIVITY_REQUIREDThe ACTIVITY_REQUIRED system exception may be raised on any method for which an Activity context is required.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
AnyServes as a container for any data that can be described in IDL or for any IDL primitive type.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
AnyHolderThe Holder for Any.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
AnySeqHelperThe Helper for AnySeq.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
AnySeqHolderThe Holder for AnySeq.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
ApplicationExceptionThis class is used for reporting application level exceptions between ORBs and stubs.Classorg.omg.CORBA.portableJava SE
ARG_INSignifies an input argument to an invocation, meaning that the argument is being passed from the client toInterfaceorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
ARG_INOUTSignifies an argument used for both input and output in an invocation, meaning that the argument is being passed from the client toInterfaceorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
ARG_OUTA constant that signifies an output argument to an invocation, meaning that the argument is being passed from the server toInterfaceorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
BAD_CONTEXTException thrown when an operation is invoked by a client but the passed context does not contain the context values required by the operation.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
BAD_INV_ORDERThis exception indicates that the caller has invoked operations in the wrong order.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
BAD_OPERATIONException thrown when an object reference denotes an existing object, but that the object does not support the operation that was invoked.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
BAD_PARAM when a parameter passed to a call is out of range or otherwise considered illegal.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
BAD_QOSThe BAD_QOS exception is raised whenever an object cannot support the quality of service required by an invocation parameter thatClassorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
BAD_TYPECODEException thrown when the ORB has encountered a malformed type code (for example, a type code with an invalid TCKind value).Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
BadKindThe exception BadKind is thrown when an inappropriate operation is invoked on a TypeCode object.Classorg.omg.CORBA.TypeCodePackageJava SE
BadKindHelperThis Helper class is used to facilitate the marshalling of TypeCodePackage/BadKind.Classorg.omg.CORBA.TypeCodePackageJava SE
BooleanHolderThe Holder for Boolean.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
BooleanSeqHelperThe Helper for BooleanSeq.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
BooleanSeqHolderThe Holder for BooleanSeq.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
BoundsA user exception thrown when a parameter is not within the legal bounds for the object that a method is tryingClassorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
BoundsProvides the TypeCode operations member_name(), member_type(), and member_label.Classorg.omg.CORBA.TypeCodePackageJava SE
BoundsHelperThis Helper class is used to facilitate the marshalling of Bounds.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
BoundsHelperThis Helper class is used to facilitate the marshalling of TypeCodePackage/Bounds.Classorg.omg.CORBA.TypeCodePackageJava SE
ByteHolderThe Holder for Byte.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
BAD_POLICYA PolicyErrorCode which would be filled in the PolicyError exception.Interfaceorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
BAD_POLICY_TYPEA PolicyErrorCode which would be filled in the PolicyError exception.Interfaceorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
BAD_POLICY_VALUEContains the value used to indicate a policy value that is incorrect for a valid policy type in a call to theInterfaceorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
BoxedValueHelperInterfaceorg.omg.CORBA.portableJava SE
CharHolderThe Holder for Char.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
CharSeqHelperThe Helper for CharSeq.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
CharSeqHolderThe Holder for CharSeq.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
CODESET_INCOMPATIBLEThis exception is raised whenever meaningful communication is not possible between client and server native code sets.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
COMM_FAILUREThis exception is raised if communication is lost while an operation is in progress, after the request was sent by the client, but beforeClassorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
CompletionStatusAn object that indicates whether a method had completed running when a SystemException was thrown.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
CompletionStatusHelperThe Helper for CompletionStatus.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
ContextAn object used in Request operations to specify the context object in which context stringsClassorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
ContextListAn object containing a modifiable list of String objects that represent property names.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
CurrentHelperThe Helper for Current.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
CurrentHolderThe Holder for Current.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
CTX_RESTRICT_SCOPEA flag that can be used as the second parameter to the method Context.Interfaceorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
CurrentInterfaces derived from the Current interface enable ORB and CORBA services to provide access to information (context) associated withInterfaceorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
CurrentOperationsThe interface for Current.Interfaceorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
CustomMarshalAn abstract value type that is meant to be used by the ORB, not the user.Interfaceorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
CustomValueInterfaceorg.omg.CORBA.portableJava SE
DATA_CONVERSIONThis exception is raised if an ORB cannot convert the representation of data as marshaled into its native representation or vice-versa.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
DefinitionKindThe class that provides the constants used to identify the type of an Interface Repository object.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
DefinitionKindHelperThe Helper for DefinitionKind.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
DelegateDelegate class provides the ORB vendor specific implementation of CORBA object.Classorg.omg.CORBA_2_3.portableJava SE
DelegateSpecifies a portable API for ORB-vendor-specific implementation of the org.Classorg.omg.CORBA.portableJava SE
DoubleHolderThe Holder for Double.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
DoubleSeqHelperThe Helper for DoubleSeq.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
DoubleSeqHolderThe Holder for DoubleSeq.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
DynamicImplementationClassorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
DataInputStreamDefines the methods used to read primitive data types from input streams for unmarshaling custom value types.Interfaceorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
DataOutputStreamDefines the methods used to write primitive data types to output streams for marshalling custom value types.Interfaceorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
DomainManagerProvides mechanisms for establishing and navigating relationships to superior and subordinate domains, as well as for creating and accessingInterfaceorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
DomainManagerOperationsProvides the DomainManager with the means to access policies.Interfaceorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
DynAnyEnables org.Interfaceorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
DynArrayRepresents a DynAny object associated with an array.Interfaceorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
DynEnumRepresents a DynAny object associated with an IDL enum.Interfaceorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
DynFixedRepresents a DynAny object that is associated with an IDL fixed type.Interfaceorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
DynSequenceThe representation of a DynAny object that is associated with an IDL sequence.Interfaceorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
DynStructThe representation of a DynAny object that is associated with an IDL struct.Interfaceorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
DynUnionThe DynUnion interface represents a DynAny object that is associated with an IDL union.Interfaceorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
DynValueThe representation of a DynAny object that is associated with an IDL value type.Interfaceorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
EnvironmentA container (holder) for an exception that is used in Request operations to make exceptions available to the client.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
ExceptionListAn object used in Request operations to describe the exceptions that can be thrown by a method.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
FieldNameHelperThe Helper for FieldName.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
FixedHolderThe Holder for Fixed.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
FloatHolderThe Holder for Float.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
FloatSeqHelperThe Helper for FloatSeq.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
FloatSeqHolderThe Holder for FloatSeq.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
FREE_MEM when the ORB failed in an attempt to free dynamic memory, for example because of heap corruption or memory segments being locked.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
IdentifierHelperThe Helper for Identifier.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
IDLTypeHelperThe Helper for IDLType.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
IMP_LIMITThis exception indicates that an implementation limit was exceeded in the ORB run time.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
InconsistentTypeCodeInconsistentTypeCode is thrown when an attempt is made to create a dynamic any with a type code that does not match the particularClassorg.omg.CORBA.ORBPackageJava SE
IndirectionExceptionThe Indirection exception is a Java specific system exception.Classorg.omg.CORBA.portableJava SE
INITIALIZE when an ORB has encountered a failure during its initialization, such as failure to acquire networking resources or detecting aClassorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
InputStreamInputStream provides for the reading of all of the mapped IDL types from the stream.Classorg.omg.CORBA_2_3.portableJava SE
InputStreamInputStream is the Java API for reading IDL types from CDR marshal streams.Classorg.omg.CORBA.portableJava SE
INTERNALThis exception indicates an internal failure in an ORB, for example, if an ORB has detected corruption of its internalClassorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
INTF_REPOS when an ORB cannot reach the interface repository, or some other failure relating to the interface repositoryClassorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
IntHolderThe Holder for Int.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
INV_FLAG when an invalid flag was passed to an operation (for example, when creating a DII request).Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
INV_IDENTThis exception indicates that an IDL identifier is syntactically invalid.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
INV_OBJREFThis exception indicates that an object reference is internally malformed.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
INV_POLICYStandard exception thrown when an invocation cannot be made because of an incompatibility betweenClassorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
InvalidInvalid is thrown by dynamic any operations when a bad DynAny or Any is passed as a parameter.Classorg.omg.CORBA.DynAnyPackageJava SE
INVALID_ACTIVITYThe INVALID_ACTIVITY system exception may be raised on the Activity or Transaction services' resume methods if a transaction orClassorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
INVALID_TRANSACTION when the request carried an invalid transaction context.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
InvalidNameThe InvalidName exception is raised when ORB.Classorg.omg.CORBA.ORBPackageJava SE
InvalidNameHelperThis Helper class is used to facilitate the marshalling of ORBPackage/InvalidName.Classorg.omg.CORBA.ORBPackageJava SE
InvalidSeqThe InvalidSeq exception is thrown by all operations on dynamic anys that take a sequence (Java array) as an argument, when thatClassorg.omg.CORBA.DynAnyPackageJava SE
InvalidValueClassorg.omg.CORBA.DynAnyPackageJava SE
IDLEntityAn interface with no members whose only purpose is to serve as a marker indicating that an implementing class is aInterfaceorg.omg.CORBA.portableJava SE
IDLTypeAn abstract interface inherited by all Interface Repository (IR) objects that represent OMG IDL types.Interfaceorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
IDLTypeOperationsThis interface must be implemented by all IDLType objects.Interfaceorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
InvokeHandlerThis interface provides a dispatching mechanism for an incoming call.Interfaceorg.omg.CORBA.portableJava SE
IRObjectAn IRObject IDL interface represents the most generic interfacefrom which all other Interface Repository interfaces are derived,Interfaceorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
IRObjectOperationsThis is the Operations interface for the mapping from IRObject.Interfaceorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
LocalObjectUsed as a base class for implementation of a local IDL interface in the Java language mapping.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
LongHolderThe Holder for Long.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
LongLongSeqHelperThe Helper for LongLongSeq.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
LongLongSeqHolderThe Holder for LongLongSeq.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
LongSeqHelperThe Helper for LongSeqHelper.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
LongSeqHolderThe Holder for LongSeq.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
MARSHALA request or reply from the network is structurally invalid.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
NamedValueAn object used in the DII and DSI to describe arguments and return values.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
NameValuePairAssociates a name with a value that is an attribute of an IDL struct, and is used in the DynStruct APIs.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
NameValuePairHelperThe Helper for NameValuePair.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
NO_IMPLEMENTThis exception indicates that even though the operation that was invoked exists (it has an IDL definition), no implementationClassorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
NO_MEMORYException thrown when the ORB run time has run out of memory.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
NO_PERMISSIONException thrown when an invocation failed because the caller has insufficient privileges.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
NO_RESOURCESException thrown when the ORB has encountered some general resource limitation.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
NO_RESPONSEThis exception is raised if a client attempts to retrieve the result of a deferred synchronous call, but the response for the request isClassorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
NVListA modifiable list containing NamedValue objects.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
OBJ_ADAPTERThis exception typically indicates an administrative mismatch, for example, a server may have made an attempt to register itself withClassorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
OBJECT_NOT_EXISTException raised whenever an invocation on a deleted object was performed.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
ObjectHelperClassorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
ObjectHolderThe Holder for Object.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
ObjectImplObjectImpl class is the base class for all stubs.Classorg.omg.CORBA_2_3.portableJava SE
ObjectImplThe common base class for all stub classes; provides default implementations of the org.Classorg.omg.CORBA.portableJava SE
OctetSeqHelperThe Helper for OctetSeq.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
OctetSeqHolderThe Holder for OctetSeq.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
ORBA class extending org.Classorg.omg.CORBA_2_3Java SE
ORBA class providing APIs for the CORBA Object Request Broker features.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
OutputStreamOutputStream provides interface for writing of all of the mapped IDL type to the stream.Classorg.omg.CORBA_2_3.portableJava SE
OutputStreamOuputStream is the Java API for writing IDL types to CDR marshal streams.Classorg.omg.CORBA.portableJava SE
ObjectThe definition for a CORBA object reference.Interfaceorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
OMGVMCIDThe vendor minor code ID reserved for OMG.Interfaceorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
ParameterModeEnumeration of parameter modes for Parameter.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
ParameterModeHelperEnumeration of parameter modes for Parameter.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
ParameterModeHolderEnumeration of parameter modes for Parameter.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
PERSIST_STOREThis exception indicates a persistent storage failure, for example, failure to establish a database connection or corruption of aClassorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
PolicyErrorA user exception thrown when a policy error occurs.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
PolicyErrorCodeHelperEncapsulates a reason a Policy may be invalid.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
PolicyErrorHelperThrown to indicate problems with parameter values passed to the ORB.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
PolicyErrorHolderThrown to indicate problems with parameter values passed to the ORB.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
PolicyHelperThe Helper for Policy.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
PolicyHolderThe Holder for Policy.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
PolicyListHelperThe Helper for PolicyList.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
PolicyListHolderThe Holder for PolicyList.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
PolicyTypeHelperThe Helper for PolicyType.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
PrincipalA class that contains information about the identity of the client, for access controlClassorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
PrincipalHolderThe Holder for Principal.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
PolicyInterfaces derived from the Policy interface allow an ORB or CORBA service access to certain choices that affectInterfaceorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
PolicyOperationsProvides the operations for a Policy object.Interfaceorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
PRIVATE_MEMBERConstant to define a private member in the ValueMember class.Interfaceorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
PUBLIC_MEMBERConstant to define a public member in the ValueMember PUBLIC_MEMBER is one of the two constants of typedefInterfaceorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
REBINDREBIND is raised when the current effective RebindPolicy, has a value of NO_REBIND or NO_RECONNECT and an invocation on a boundClassorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
RemarshalExceptionThis class is used for reporting locate forward exceptions and object forwardGIOP messages back to the ORB.Classorg.omg.CORBA.portableJava SE
RepositoryIdHelperThe Helper for RepositoryId.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
RequestAn object containing the information necessary for invoking a method.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
ResponseHandlerThis interface is supplied by an ORB to a servant at invocation time and allowsthe servant to later retrieve an OutputStream for returning the invocation results.Interfaceorg.omg.CORBA.portableJava SE
ServantObjectThis class is part of the local stub API, the purpose of which is to provide high performance calls for collocated clients and serversClassorg.omg.CORBA.portableJava SE
ServerRequestAn object that captures the explicit state of a request for the Dynamic Skeleton Interface (DSI).Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
ServiceDetailAn object that represents an ORB service: its service_detail_type field contains the type of the ORB service, and its service_detailClassorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
ServiceDetailHelperClassorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
ServiceInformationAn IDL struct in the CORBA module that stores information about a CORBA service available in theClassorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
ServiceInformationHelperClassorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
ServiceInformationHolderThe Holder for ServiceInformation.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
SetOverrideTypeThe mapping of a CORBA enum tagging SET_OVERRIDE and ADD_OVERRIDE, whichClassorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
SetOverrideTypeHelperThe Helper for SetOverrideType.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
ShortHolderThe Holder for Short.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
ShortSeqHelperThe Helper for ShortSeqHelper.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
ShortSeqHolderThe Holder for ShortSeq.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
StringHolderThe Holder for String.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
StringSeqHelperClassorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
StringSeqHolderClassorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
StringValueHelperThe Helper for StringValue.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
StructMemberDescribes a member of an IDL struct in the Interface Repository, includingClassorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
StructMemberHelperThe Helper for StructMember.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
SystemExceptionThe root class for all CORBA standard exceptions.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
StreamableThe base class for the Holder classess of all complex IDL types.Interfaceorg.omg.CORBA.portableJava SE
StreamableValueDefines the base type for all non-boxed IDL valuetypes that are not custom marshaled.Interfaceorg.omg.CORBA.portableJava SE
TCKindThe Java mapping of the IDL enum TCKind, which specifies the kind of a TypeCode object.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
TIMEOUTTIMEOUT is raised when no delivery has been made and the specified time-to-live period has been exceeded.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
TRANSACTION_MODEThe CORBA TRANSACTION_MODE exception is thrown by the client ORB if it detects a mismatch between theClassorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
TRANSACTION_REQUIREDException indicates that the request carried a null transaction context, but an active transaction is required.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
TRANSACTION_ROLLEDBACKException thrown when the transaction associated with the request has already been rolled back or marked to roll back.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
TRANSACTION_UNAVAILABLEThe CORBA TRANSACTION_UNAVAILABLE exception is thrown by the ORB when it cannot process a transaction service context becauseClassorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
TRANSIENTException thrown when the ORB attempted to reach an object and failed.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
TypeCodeA container for information about a specific CORBA data TypeCode objects are used:Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
TypeCodeHolderThe Holder for TypeCode.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
TypeMismatchTypeMismatch is thrown by dynamic any accessor methods when type of the actual contents do not match what is trying to beClassorg.omg.CORBA.DynAnyPackageJava SE
ULongLongSeqHelperThe Helper for ULongLongSeq.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
ULongLongSeqHolderThe Holder for ULongLongSeq.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
ULongSeqHelperThe Helper for ULongSeq.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
ULongSeqHolderThe Holder for ULongSeq.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
UnionMemberA description in the Interface Repository of a member of an IDL union.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
UnionMemberHelperThe Helper for UnionMember.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
UNKNOWNThis exception is raised if an operation implementation throws a non-CORBA exception (such as an exceptionClassorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
UnknownExceptionThe org.Classorg.omg.CORBA.portableJava SE
UnknownUserExceptionA class that contains user exceptions returned by the server.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
UnknownUserExceptionHelperThe Helper for UnknownUserException.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
UnknownUserExceptionHolderThe Holder for UnknownUserException.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
UserExceptionThe root class for CORBA IDL-defined user exceptions.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
UShortSeqHelperThe Helper for UShortSeq.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
UShortSeqHolderThe Holder for UShortSeq.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
UNSUPPORTED_POLICYOne of the PolicyErrorCodes which would be filled if the requested Policy is understood to be valid by theInterfaceorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
UNSUPPORTED_POLICY_VALUEA PolicyErrorCode which would be filled if the value requested for the Policy is of aInterfaceorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
ValueBaseHelperClassorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
ValueBaseHolderThe Holder for ValueBase.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
ValueMemberA description in the Interface Repository of a member of a value object.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
ValueMemberHelperThe Helper for ValueMember.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
VersionSpecHelperThe Helper for VersionSpec.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
VisibilityHelperThe Helper for Visibility.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
ValueBaseThe generated Java classes corresponding to valuetype IDL types implement this interface.Interfaceorg.omg.CORBA.portableJava SE
ValueFactoryThe ValueFactory interface is the native mapping for the IDL type CORBA::ValueFactory.Interfaceorg.omg.CORBA.portableJava SE
ValueInputStreamJava to IDL ptc 02-01-12 1.Interfaceorg.omg.CORBA.portableJava SE
ValueOutputStreamJava to IDL ptc 02-01-12 1.Interfaceorg.omg.CORBA.portableJava SE
VM_ABSTRACTDefines the code used to represent an Abstract interface in This is one of the possible results of the type_modifiedInterfaceorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
VM_CUSTOMDefines the code used to represent a custom marshalled value type in This is one of the possible results of the type_modifierInterfaceorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
VM_NONEDefines the code used to represent the one of the values of a value typeSince:JDK1.Interfaceorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
VM_TRUNCATABLEDefines the code used to represent a truncatable value type in a typecode.Interfaceorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
WCharSeqHelperThe Helper for WCharSeq.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
WCharSeqHolderThe Holder for WCharSeq.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
WrongTransactionThe CORBA WrongTransaction user-defined exception.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
WrongTransactionHelperThe Helper for WrongTransaction.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
WrongTransactionHolderThe Holder for WrongTransaction.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
WStringSeqHelperClassorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
WStringSeqHolderClassorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
WStringValueHelper Generated by the IDL-to-Java compiler (portable), version 3.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
_IDLTypeStubThe Stub for IDLType.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
_PolicyStubThe Stub for Policy.Classorg.omg.CORBAJava SE
AttrDescriptionSeqHelpercom/sun/org/omg/CORBA/ Trails
AttributeDescriptioncom/sun/org/omg/CORBA/ Trails
AttributeDescriptionHelpercom/sun/org/omg/CORBA/ Trails
AttributeModecom/sun/org/omg/CORBA/ Trails
AttributeModeHelpercom/sun/org/omg/CORBA/ Trails
ContextIdentifierHelpercom/sun/org/omg/CORBA/ Trails
ContextIdSeqHelpercom/sun/org/omg/CORBA/ Trails
DefinitionKindHelpercom/sun/org/omg/CORBA/ Trails