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#Org.omg.CORBA.portable Classes and Interfaces - 20 results found.
ApplicationExceptionThis class is used for reporting application level exceptions between ORBs and stubs.Classorg.omg.CORBA.portableJava SE
BoxedValueHelperInterfaceorg.omg.CORBA.portableJava SE
CustomValueInterfaceorg.omg.CORBA.portableJava SE
DelegateSpecifies a portable API for ORB-vendor-specific implementation of the org.Classorg.omg.CORBA.portableJava SE
IndirectionExceptionThe Indirection exception is a Java specific system exception.Classorg.omg.CORBA.portableJava SE
InputStreamInputStream is the Java API for reading IDL types from CDR marshal streams.Classorg.omg.CORBA.portableJava SE
IDLEntityAn interface with no members whose only purpose is to serve as a marker indicating that an implementing class is aInterfaceorg.omg.CORBA.portableJava SE
InvokeHandlerThis interface provides a dispatching mechanism for an incoming call.Interfaceorg.omg.CORBA.portableJava SE
ObjectImplThe common base class for all stub classes; provides default implementations of the org.Classorg.omg.CORBA.portableJava SE
OutputStreamOuputStream is the Java API for writing IDL types to CDR marshal streams.Classorg.omg.CORBA.portableJava SE
RemarshalExceptionThis class is used for reporting locate forward exceptions and object forwardGIOP messages back to the ORB.Classorg.omg.CORBA.portableJava SE
ResponseHandlerThis interface is supplied by an ORB to a servant at invocation time and allowsthe servant to later retrieve an OutputStream for returning the invocation results.Interfaceorg.omg.CORBA.portableJava SE
ServantObjectThis class is part of the local stub API, the purpose of which is to provide high performance calls for collocated clients and serversClassorg.omg.CORBA.portableJava SE
StreamableThe base class for the Holder classess of all complex IDL types.Interfaceorg.omg.CORBA.portableJava SE
StreamableValueDefines the base type for all non-boxed IDL valuetypes that are not custom marshaled.Interfaceorg.omg.CORBA.portableJava SE
UnknownExceptionThe org.Classorg.omg.CORBA.portableJava SE
ValueBaseThe generated Java classes corresponding to valuetype IDL types implement this interface.Interfaceorg.omg.CORBA.portableJava SE
ValueFactoryThe ValueFactory interface is the native mapping for the IDL type CORBA::ValueFactory.Interfaceorg.omg.CORBA.portableJava SE
ValueInputStreamJava to IDL ptc 02-01-12 1.Interfaceorg.omg.CORBA.portableJava SE
ValueOutputStreamJava to IDL ptc 02-01-12 1.Interfaceorg.omg.CORBA.portableJava SE