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CmsAccessControlListAn access control list contains the permission sets of all principals for a distinct resource that are calculated on the permissions defined by various access control entries.Classorg.opencms.securityOpenCMS
CmsAuthentificationExceptionSignals that an attempt to authenticate (login) has a user has failed.Classorg.opencms.securityOpenCMS
CmsCustomLoginExceptionCustom login exception whose message will be displayed to the user if the login fails.Classorg.opencms.securityOpenCMS
CmsDefaultAuthorizationHandlerDefines default authorization methods.Classorg.opencms.securityOpenCMS
CmsDefaultCredentialsResolverDefault implementation of a I_CmsCredentialResolver, which does nothing but return the credential which was passed in.Classorg.opencms.securityOpenCMS
CmsDefaultPasswordHandlerDefault implementation for OpenCms password validation, just checks if a password is at last 4 characters long.Classorg.opencms.securityOpenCMS
CmsDefaultPermissionHandlerGeneric base driver interface.Classorg.opencms.securityOpenCMS
CmsDefaultValidationHandlerDefault implementation for the validation handler.Classorg.opencms.securityOpenCMS
CmsOrganizationalUnitAn organizational unit in OpenCms.Classorg.opencms.securityOpenCMS
CmsOrgUnitManagerThis manager provide access to the organizational unit related operations.Classorg.opencms.securityOpenCMS
CmsPasswordEncryptionExceptionSignals that an attempt to encrypt a password was not successful.Classorg.opencms.securityOpenCMS
CmsPasswordInfoValidating bean for changing the password.Classorg.opencms.securityOpenCMS
CmsPermissionSetAn immutable permission set that contains both allowed and denied permissions as bitsets.Classorg.opencms.securityOpenCMS
CmsPermissionSetCustomA custom permission set that can be modified during runtime and contains both allowed and denied permissions as bitsets.Classorg.opencms.securityOpenCMS
CmsPermissionViolationExceptionA permission violation occurs if a user without tries to access or maipulate a VFS resource without the required permissions.Classorg.opencms.securityOpenCMS
CmsPersistentLoginAuthorizationHandlerAuthorization handler which uses a special cookie sent by the user's browser for authorization.Classorg.opencms.securityOpenCMS
CmsPersistentLoginTokenHandlerCreates and validates persisten login tokens for users.Classorg.opencms.securityOpenCMS
CmsPersistentLoginTokenHandler .TokenBean representing the data encoded in a login token (user name and key).Classorg.opencms.securityOpenCMS
CmsPrincipalCommon methods shared among user and group principals, also contains several utility functions to deal with principal instances.Classorg.opencms.securityOpenCMS
CmsRoleA role is used in the OpenCms security system to check if a user has access to a certain system function.Classorg.opencms.securityOpenCMS
CmsRoleManagerThis manager provide access to the role related operations.Classorg.opencms.securityOpenCMS
CmsRoleViolationExceptionA role violation occurs if a user without permissions tries to access a protected OpenCms system feature that can only be accessed by users in certain roles.Classorg.opencms.securityOpenCMS
CmsSecurityExceptionUsed to signal security related issues, for example example during file access and login.Classorg.opencms.securityOpenCMS
CmsUserDisabledExceptionSignals that an attempt to authenticate (login) a user has failed because the user had to many invalid logins.Classorg.opencms.securityOpenCMS
I_CmsAuthorizationHandlerDefines general authorization methods.Interfaceorg.opencms.securityOpenCMS
I_CmsAuthorizationHandler .I_PrivilegedLoginActionInterfaceorg.opencms.securityOpenCMS
I_CmsCredentialsResolverThis interface can be used to override or replace user names or passwords which occur in the OpenCms configuration, for example to hide passwords from users who can read the configuration files.Interfaceorg.opencms.securityOpenCMS
I_CmsLoginActionInterface used to provide a protected login method.Interfaceorg.opencms.securityOpenCMS
I_CmsPasswordHandlerDefines methods for OpenCms password validation.Interfaceorg.opencms.securityOpenCMS
I_CmsPermissionHandlerPermission handler interface.Interfaceorg.opencms.securityOpenCMS
I_CmsPermissionHandler .CmsPermissionCheckResultClassorg.opencms.securityOpenCMS
I_CmsPrincipalRepresentation of an identity in the cms (currently user or group), used to define permissions on a resource.Interfaceorg.opencms.securityOpenCMS
I_CmsValidationHandlerDefines general validation methods.Interfaceorg.opencms.securityOpenCMS
MessagesConvenience class to access the localized messages of this OpenCms package.Classorg.opencms.securityOpenCMS