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#Org.quartz.plugins Classes and Interfaces - 5 results found.
LoggingJobHistoryPluginLogs a history of all job executions (and execution vetos) via the Jakarta Commons-Logging framework.Classorg.quartz.plugins.historyQuartzjavadoc
LoggingTriggerHistoryPluginLogs a history of all trigger firings via the Jakarta Commons-Logging The logged message is customizable by setting one of the following messageClassorg.quartz.plugins.historyQuartzjavadoc
SchedulerPluginWithUserTransactionSupportBase class for plugins that wish to support having their start and shutdown methods run within a UserTransaction.Classorg.quartz.pluginsQuartzjavadoc
ShutdownHookPluginThis plugin catches the event of the JVM terminating (such as upon a CRTL-C) and tells the scheuler to shutdown.Classorg.quartz.plugins.managementQuartzjavadoc
XMLSchedulingDataProcessorPluginThis plugin loads XML file(s) to add jobs and schedule them with triggers as the scheduler is initialized, and can optionally periodically scan theClassorg.quartz.plugins.xmlQuartzjavadoc

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