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#Org.simpleframework.xml.transform Classes and Interfaces - 6 results found.
InvalidFormatExceptionThe InvalidFormatException is thrown when there is a format exception.Classorg.simpleframework.xml.transformSimple
MatcherThe Matcher is used to match a type with a transform such that a string value can be read or written as that type.Interfaceorg.simpleframework.xml.transformSimple
RegistryMatcherThe RegistryMatcher provides a simple matcher backed by a registry.Classorg.simpleframework.xml.transformSimple
TransformA Transform represents a an object used to transform an object to and from a string value.Interfaceorg.simpleframework.xml.transformSimple
TransformerThe Transformer object is used to convert strings to and from object instances.Classorg.simpleframework.xml.transformSimple
TransformExceptionThe TransformException is thrown if a problem occurs during the transformation of an object.Classorg.simpleframework.xml.transformSimple