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#Org.springframework.amqp.rabbit.annotation Classes and Interfaces - 9 results found.
EnableRabbitEnable Rabbit listener annotated endpoints that are created under the coverby a RabbitListenerContainerFactory.Classorg.springframework.amqp.rabbit.annotationSpring AMQP
ExchangeAn exchange to which to bind a RabbitListener queue.Classorg.springframework.amqp.rabbit.annotationSpring AMQP
QueueA queue definition used within the bindings attribute of a QueueBinding.Classorg.springframework.amqp.rabbit.annotationSpring AMQP
QueueBindingDefines a queue, the exchange it is to be bound to, and an optional binding key; usedwith @RabbitListener.Classorg.springframework.amqp.rabbit.annotationSpring AMQP
RabbitBootstrapConfiguration@Configuration class that registers a RabbitListenerAnnotationBeanPostProcessorbean capable of processing Spring's @RabbitListener annotation.Classorg.springframework.amqp.rabbit.annotationSpring AMQP
RabbitHandlerAnnotation that marks a method to be the target of a Rabbit messagelistener within a class that is annotated with RabbitListener.Classorg.springframework.amqp.rabbit.annotationSpring AMQP
RabbitListenerAnnotation that marks a method to be the target of a Rabbit messagelistener on the specified queues() (or bindings()).Classorg.springframework.amqp.rabbit.annotationSpring AMQP
RabbitListenerAnnotationBeanPostProcessorBean post-processor that registers methods annotated with RabbitListenerto be invoked by a AMQP message listener container created under the coverClassorg.springframework.amqp.rabbit.annotationSpring AMQP
RabbitListenerConfigurerOptional interface to be implemented by Spring managed bean willingto customize how Rabbit listener endpoints are configured.Interfaceorg.springframework.amqp.rabbit.annotationSpring AMQP