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AbstractMongoConfigurationBase class for Spring Data MongoDB configuration using MongoDb
BeanNamesConstants to declare bean names used by the namespace MongoDb
EnableMongoAuditingAnnotation to enable auditing in MongoDB via annotation MongoDb
MappingMongoConverterParserBean definition parser for the mapping-converter MongoDb
MongoAuditingBeanDefinitionParserBeanDefinitionParser to register a AuditingEventListener to transparently set auditing information onAuthor:Oliver MongoDb
MongoClientParserParser for mongo-client MongoDb
MongoCredentialPropertyEditorParse a String to a Collection of MongoDb
MongoDbFactoryParserBeanDefinitionParser to parse db-factory elements into MongoDb MongoDb
MongoNamespaceHandlerNamespaceHandler for Mongo DB MongoDb
MongoParserParser for MongoDb
ReadPreferencePropertyEditorParse a String to a MongoDb
ServerAddressPropertyEditorParse a String to a ServerAddress MongoDb
StringToWriteConcernConverterConverter to create WriteConcern instances from String MongoDb
WriteConcernPropertyEditorParse a string to a MongoDb