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AggregationAn Aggregation is a representation of a list of aggregation steps to be performed by the MongoDB MongoDb
AggregationFunctionExpressionsenum AggregationFunctionExpressionsAn enum of supported AggregationExpressions in aggregation pipeline MongoDb
AggregationOperationRepresents one single operation in an aggregation MongoDb
AggregationOperationContextThe context for an MongoDb
AggregationOptionsHolds a set of configurable aggregation options that can be used within an aggregation MongoDb
AggregationOptions .BuilderA Builder for MongoDb
AggregationResultsCollects the results of executing an aggregation MongoDb
ExposedFieldsValue object to capture the fields exposed by an MongoDb
FieldAbstraction for a MongoDb
FieldsValue object to capture a list of Field MongoDb
FieldsExposingAggregationOperationAggregationOperation that exposes new ExposedFields that can be used for later aggregation MongoDb
GeoNearOperationRepresents a geoNear aggregation MongoDb
GroupOperationEncapsulates the aggregation framework $ MongoDb
GroupOperation .GroupOperationBuilderBuilder for GroupOperations on a MongoDb
LimitOperationEncapsulates the $ MongoDb
MatchOperationEncapsulates the $ MongoDb
ProjectionOperationEncapsulates the aggregation framework $ MongoDb
ProjectionOperation .ExpressionProjectionOperationBuilderAn MongoDb
ProjectionOperation .ProjectionOperationBuilderBuilder for ProjectionOperations on a MongoDb
SkipOperationEncapsulates the aggregation framework $ MongoDb
SortOperationEncapsulates the aggregation framework $ MongoDb
TypeBasedAggregationOperationContextAggregationOperationContext aware of a particular type and a MappingContext to potentially translateproperty references into document field MongoDb
TypedAggregationA TypedAggregation is a special Aggregation that holds information of the input aggregation MongoDb
UnwindOperationEncapsulates the aggregation framework $ MongoDb