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AbstractMongoConverterBase class for MongoConverter MongoDb
CustomConversionsValue object to capture custom MongoDb MongoDb
DbRefResolverUsed to resolve associations annotated with MongoDb
DbRefResolverCallbackCallback interface to be used in conjunction with MongoDb
DefaultDbRefResolverA DbRefResolver that resolves DBRefs by delegating to aDbRefResolverCallback than is able to generate lazy loading MongoDb
DefaultMongoTypeMapperDefault implementation of MongoTypeMapper allowing configuration of the key to lookup and store typeinformation in MongoDb
DefaultMongoTypeMapper .DBObjectTypeAliasAccessorTypeAliasAccessor to store aliases in a MongoDb
LazyLoadingProxyAllows direct interaction with the underlying MongoDb
MappingMongoConverterMongoConverter that uses a MappingContext to do sophisticated mapping of domain objects toAuthor:Oliver Gierke, Jon Brisbin, Patrik Wasik, Thomas Darimont, Christoph MongoDb
MongoConverterCentral Mongo specific converter interface which combines MongoWriter and MongoDb
MongoTypeMapperMongo-specific TypeMapper exposing that DBObjects might contain a type MongoDb
MongoWriterA MongoWriter is responsible for converting an object of type T to the native MongoDB representation MongoDb
QueryMapperA helper class to encapsulate any modifications of a Query object before it gets submitted to the MongoDb
QueryMapper .AssociationConverterConverter to skip all properties after an association property was MongoDb
QueryMapper .FieldValue object to represent a field and its MongoDb
QueryMapper .MetadataBackedFieldExtension of DocumentField to be backed with mapping MongoDb
UpdateMapperA subclass of QueryMapper that retains type information on the mongo MongoDb