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GeoJsonInterface definition for structures defined in GeoJSON ( MongoDb
GeoJsonConfigurationConfiguration class to expose GeoJsonModule as a Spring MongoDb
GeoJsonGeometryCollectionDefines a GeoJsonGeometryCollection that consists of a List of GeoJson MongoDb
GeoJsonLineStringGeoJsonLineString is defined as list of at least 2 MongoDb
GeoJsonModuleA Jackson Module to register custom JsonSerializer and JsonDeserializers for GeoJSON MongoDb
GeoJsonMultiLineStringGeoJsonMultiLineString is defined as list of MongoDb
GeoJsonMultiPointGeoJsonMultiPoint is defined as list of MongoDb
GeoJsonMultiPolygonGeoJsonMultiPolygon is defined as a list of MongoDb
GeoJsonPointGeoJson representation of MongoDb
GeoJsonPolygonGeoJson representation of MongoDb
SphereRepresents a geospatial sphere MongoDb