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CompoundIndexMark a class to use compound MongoDb
CompoundIndexDefinitionIndex definition to span multiple MongoDb MongoDb
GeospatialIndexValue object to capture data to create a geo MongoDb
GeoSpatialIndexedMark a field to be indexed using MongoDB's geospatial indexing MongoDb
GeoSpatialIndexTypeenum GeoSpatialIndexTypeGeoposatial index MongoDb MongoDb
Index .DuplicatesReturns the enum constant of this type with the specified MongoDb MongoDb MongoDb
IndexedMark a field to be indexed using MongoDB's indexing MongoDb
IndexFieldValue object for an index MongoDb MongoDb
IndexOperationsIndex operations on a MongoDb MongoDb
MongoMappingEventPublisherAn implementation of ApplicationEventPublisher that will only fire MappingContextEvents for use by the indexcreator when MongoTemplate is used 'stand-alone', that is not declared inside a Spring MongoDb
MongoPersistentEntityIndexCreatorComponent that inspects MongoPersistentEntity instances contained in the given MongoMappingContextfor indexing metadata and ensures the indexes to be MongoDb
MongoPersistentEntityIndexResolverIndexResolver implementation inspecting MongoPersistentEntity for MongoPersistentEntity to beAll MongoPersistentProperty of the MongoPersistentEntity are inspected for potential indexes MongoDb
MongoPersistentEntityIndexResolver MongoDb
MongoPersistentEntityIndexResolver MongoDb
TextIndexDefinitionIndexDefinition to span multiple keys for text MongoDb
TextIndexDefinition MongoDb
TextIndexDefinition MongoDb
TextIndexedTextIndexed marks a field to be part of the text MongoDb