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AbstractDeleteEventBase class for delete MongoDb
AbstractMongoEventListenerBase class to implement domain class specific MongoDb MongoDb
AfterDeleteEventEvent being thrown after a single or a set of documents has/have been MongoDb
AfterLoadEventEvent to be triggered after loading DBObjects to be mapped onto a given MongoDb MongoDb
AuditingEventListenerEvent listener to populate auditing related fields on an entity about to be MongoDb
BasicMongoPersistentEntityMongoDB specific MongoPersistentEntity implementation that adds Mongo specific meta-data such as thecollection name and the MongoDb
BasicMongoPersistentPropertyMongoDB specific MongoPersistentProperty MongoDb
BeforeConvertEventEvent being thrown before a domain object is converted to be MongoDb
BeforeDeleteEventEvent being thrown before a document is MongoDb MongoDb
CachingMongoPersistentPropertyMongoPersistentProperty caching access to isIdProperty() and getFieldName() MongoDb
DBRefAn annotation that indicates the annotated field is to be stored using a MongoDb
DocumentIdentifies a domain object to be persisted to MongoDb
FieldAnnotation to define custom metadata for document MongoDb
LoggingEventListenerApplicationListener for Mongo mapping events logging the MongoDb
MongoMappingContextDefault implementation of a MappingContext for MongoDB using BasicMongoPersistentEntity andBasicMongoPersistentProperty as primary MongoDb MongoDb
MongoPersistentEntityMongoDB specific PersistentEntity MongoDb
MongoPersistentPropertyMongoDB specific PersistentProperty MongoDb
MongoPersistentProperty .PropertyToFieldNameConverterSimple Converter implementation to transform a MongoPersistentProperty into its field MongoDb
MongoSimpleTypesSimple constant holder for a SimpleTypeHolder enriched with Mongo specific simple MongoDb
TextScoreTextScore marks the property to be considered as the on server calculated textScore when doingNOTE Property will not be written when saving MongoDb MongoDb