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AbstractMongoQueryBase class for RepositoryQuery implementations for MongoDb
ConvertingParameterAccessorCustom ParameterAccessor that uses a MongoWriter to serialize parameters into Mongo MongoDb
ConvertingParameterAccessor .PotentiallyConvertingIteratorCustom Iterator that adds a method to access elements in a converted MongoDb
MongoEntityInformationMongo specific MongoDb
MongoEntityMetadataExtension of EntityMetadata to additionally expose the collection name an entity shall be persisted MongoDb
MongoParameterAccessorMongo-specific ParameterAccessor exposing a maximum distance MongoDb
MongoParametersCustom extension of Parameters discovering additionalAuthor:Oliver Gierke, Christoph MongoDb
MongoParametersParameterAccessorMongo-specific ParametersParameterAccessor to allow access to the Distance MongoDb
MongoQueryMethodMongo specific implementation of MongoDb
PartTreeMongoQueryRepositoryQuery implementation for MongoDb
QueryAnnotation to declare finder queries directly on repository MongoDb
QueryUtilsCollection of utility methods to apply sorting and pagination to a MongoDb
StringBasedMongoQueryQuery to use a plain JSON String to create the Query to actually MongoDb