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AbstractConnectionBase support class for Connection Social
ApiAdapterAn adapter that bridges between the uniform Connection model and a specific provider API Social
BaseSocialConnectedTagSocialConnectedTag and SocialNotConnectedTag extend toprovide functionality within a JSP to determine if you are connected to Social
ConnectControllerGeneric UI controller for managing the account-to-service-provider connection Social
ConnectInterceptorListens for service provider connection Social
ConnectionA link to a service provider Social
ConnectionDataA data transfer object that allows the internal state of a Connection to be persisted and transferred between layers of an Social
ConnectionFactoryBase abstraction for factories that construct service provider Connection Social
ConnectionFactoryLocatorA ServiceLocator for ConnectionFactory Social
ConnectionFactoryRegistryA registry for service provider connection Social
ConnectionKeyThe unique business key for a Connection Social
ConnectionRepositoryData access interface for saving and restoring Connection objects from a persistent Social
ConnectionRepositoryExceptionBase exception class for ConnectionRepository Social
ConnectionSignUpA command that signs up a new user in the event no user id could be mapped from a Social
ConnectionValuesA configuration interface used to set values on a Connection from a specific service provider API Social
ConnectSupportProvides common connect support and utilities for Java web/servlet Social
DisconnectInterceptorListens for service provider disconnection Social
DuplicateConnectionExceptionThrown by a ConnectionRepository when attempting to add a Connection and a connection already exists with the given Social
GenericConnectionStatusViewGeneric View implementation that displays the connection statis for a Social Social
InMemoryUsersConnectionRepositoryUsersConnectionRepository that stores connections in Social
JdbcUsersConnectionRepositoryUsersConnectionRepository that uses the JDBC API to persist connection data to a relational Social
NoSuchConnectionExceptionThrown by a ConnectionRepository when attempting to fetch a Connection and no such connection exists with the provided Social
NotConnectedExceptionThrown by a ConnectionRepository when attempting to fetch a "primary" connection and the user is not connected to the provider in Social
OAuth1ConnectionAn OAuth1-based Connection Social
OAuth1ConnectionFactoryFactory for creating OAuth1-based Social
OAuth2ConnectionAn OAuth2-based Connection Social
OAuth2ConnectionFactoryFactory for creating OAuth2-based Social
ProviderSignInAttemptModels an attempt to sign-in to the application using a provider user Social
ProviderSignInControllerSpring MVC Controller for handling the provider user sign-in Social
ProviderSignInInterceptorListens for service provider sign in Social
ProviderSignInUtilsHelper methods that support provider user sign-in Social
ReconnectFilterServlet filter that intercepts Spring Social ApiExceptions thrown in the course of a request and attempts to reconcile any connection-relatedproblems by deleting the stale/revoked connection and walking the user through the connection process to obtain a new Social Social
SessionUserIdSourceUserIdSource implementation that uses the session ID as the user Social
SignInAdapterAdapter that bridges between a ProviderSignInController and a application-specific user sign-in Social
SocialConnectedTagJSP Tag to return true/false if you're connected to a Social
SocialNotConnectedTagJSP Tag to return true/false if you're NOT connected to a Social
SpringSocialDialectThymeleaf dialect offering Spring Social connectivity Social
UserProfileA normalized model representing a service provider user Social
UserProfileBuilderBuilder for constructing a UserProfile instance returned by Social
UsersConnectionRepositoryA data access interface for managing a global store of users connections to service Social