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BaseSocialConnectedTagSocialConnectedTag and SocialNotConnectedTag extend toprovide functionality within a JSP to determine if you are connected to Social
ConnectControllerGeneric UI controller for managing the account-to-service-provider connection Social
ConnectInterceptorListens for service provider connection Social
ConnectSupportProvides common connect support and utilities for Java web/servlet Social
DisconnectInterceptorListens for service provider disconnection Social
GenericConnectionStatusViewGeneric View implementation that displays the connection statis for a Social Social
ProviderSignInAttemptModels an attempt to sign-in to the application using a provider user Social
ProviderSignInControllerSpring MVC Controller for handling the provider user sign-in Social
ProviderSignInInterceptorListens for service provider sign in Social
ProviderSignInUtilsHelper methods that support provider user sign-in Social
ReconnectFilterServlet filter that intercepts Spring Social ApiExceptions thrown in the course of a request and attempts to reconcile any connection-relatedproblems by deleting the stale/revoked connection and walking the user through the connection process to obtain a new Social Social
SessionUserIdSourceUserIdSource implementation that uses the session ID as the user Social
SignInAdapterAdapter that bridges between a ProviderSignInController and a application-specific user sign-in Social
SocialConnectedTagJSP Tag to return true/false if you're connected to a Social
SocialNotConnectedTagJSP Tag to return true/false if you're NOT connected to a Social
SpringSocialDialectThymeleaf dialect offering Spring Social connectivity Social