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CanvasSignInControllerSign in controller that uses the signed_request parameter that Facebook gives to Canvas applications to obtain an access Social
DisconnectControllerSpring MVC controller for handling deauthorization callbacks from Facebook as described at Social
FacebookCookieParserHelper class that helps extract data from a Facebook Social
FacebookCookieValueAnnotation that indicates to FacebookWebArgumentResolver that a controller method parameter should be boundto a value from the Facebook cookie written when the user signed in with Social
FacebookInitTagJSP Tag for initializing Facebook's JavaScript Social
FacebookWebArgumentResolverWeb argument resolver that resolves arguments annotated with Social
RealTimeUpdateRepresents a real-time update from Social
RealTimeUpdate .EntryRepresents a single change Social
RealTimeUpdateControllerA Spring MVC controller that handles callbacks from Facebook's Real-Time Update Social Social
SignedRequestArgumentResolverWeb argument resolver for controller handler method arguments that are annotated with Social
SignedRequestDecoderUtility class for extracting the payload of a signed request sent by Social
SignedRequestExceptionException thrown by SignedRequestDecoder when there is a problem in decoding the signed_request Social
UpdateHandlerStrategy interface for handling real time Social